Future Ready Energy Billing in an Accelerating, Changing Sector

The pace of change in the energy sector continues to accelerate – and with NetZero and new distributed technologies contributing to huge operational advances and expectations for energy retailers, it’s time to take the next step forward in retail energy platforms.

As energy retail evolves, collaboration with customers to innovate new features and products is a must with technology partners.

As distributed energy resources grow across the grids, into our businesses and homes – energy Retail becomes the key service that helps customers understand their energy and the value of their energy resources. Energy retail platforms are integrating into a growing range of data sources that empower competitive decision-making, automated position optimization, and grid flexibility. Many retail software providers will want to provide a foundation for increasingly connected, distributed, and flexible competitive energy.

The latest industry-focused Energy Billing and CIS software will have to enable retail gas and electric Retailers to successfully manage and monetize millions of customer relationships across every retail energy market in the US, Canada, and Japan to benefit both retailers and the end consumer.

Retailers will look for ‘Best of breed system integration’, made possible by REST-API & UI layers of Tech Stack that can be deployed in the Cloud. This potentially also opens many new opportunities, including extreme scalability and database replication.

REST APIs are the language of energy ecosystems of today and tomorrow in any market. They are a central part of the innovation needed by Clients to participate in new markets and new energy trends to meet growing energy demands with cleaner, future-friendly solutions.

Retailers rely on energy retail and billing software to deliver quality service and accurate billing in energy retail markets. By introducing leading-edge architecture alongside a streamlined UI, the next generation of retail software will allow retailers to meet the new demands expected from innovation and market trends. Suppliers should be prepared for the next generation and iteration of “Future Energy” market innovation – and can confidently continue to monetize energy regardless of where innovation takes the energy sector.

During EMC, I will be describing the journey of energy to meet Net-Zero and how software platforms are evolving to help underpin the best experience for end-customers through the transition. I hope to see you at my Executive Workshop session at 3:15 PM.

George Behr is the Director of Sales Engineering for ESG Global. Providing innovative technology that empowers energy leaders across the US, UK, and Japan. ESG Global provides SaaS solutions and industry-driven software including their P2C Energy Billing and CIS software.



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