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What our attendees are saying

“I have attended every single Energy Marketing Conference since EMC1 (NYC 2014) and I thoroughly enjoyed every event. It has been great to see the evolution of the conferences. On behalf of the retail energy industry I thank Jack and Larry for running these events and providing us incredibly invaluable opportunities for networking, learning and growth!”

Summer Hilfers

Cyber Group

“Congratulations on a fantastic conference! A very impressive result!” 

Michael Kagan

Concentric Energy Advisors 

“I think the conference has really exceeded expectations, and your team has done a fantastic job.”

Michael Gruin

Stevens & Lee

“Very nice conference today. You got great attendance and a really good variety of panelists. Many thanks…” 

Heather Farber

NRG Residential Solutions

GREAT WORK JACK. It was really, really good.  Congrats.

Karthik Rajan

Lucrae Energy

“WELL DONE. You pulled it off. Amazing.”

Tony Frenzel

Earth Etch
“The Energy Marketing Conference is the GOLD STANDARD conference in our industry.  Count me in as a participant!”
David Visneau
CCO, Shell Energy Solutions

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for all the hard work you put into the EMC16 conference.  To me, it seemed like a complete success.  There may have been fewer attendees, but the general feeling was that they were higher-quality contacts.  I’m sure we only saw the ‘tip of the iceberg” when it comes to all you did for us.”

Dr. Steve Burchett PE,

Power Analytics Software

“The conference was wonderful and everyone said Houston will be even better and bigger!  It was so good to see everyone after all this time.”

Stacy Havlicek 

Swiss Re

“Jack – Thanks again for hosting such a great conference. I am personally such an advocate of EMC.

I think it has evolved into what I believe to be a near perfect blend of like-minded wholesale-to-retail folks, with different incentives coming together to figure out the most efficient, cost-effective, and efficacious way of running their businesses.

Tech, renewables, and new innovative marketing and data driven solutions using distributed gen yields a glimpse into our future grid.

Thanks again.”

Steven Tyberski


“EMC16 was a great way to get an accurate pulse on the regulatory environment, technology disruptions, and the latest industry trends. It really helped me learn who the real players are in this space! I had a great time at EMC16 last week and really learned a lot from all the industry professionals there.”

Meagan Labossiere 

JP Morgan Chase

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EMC19 Keynote Speaker

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Energy Marketing Conferences provides the competitive energy industry with exciting conferences in premium locations at extremely affordable prices. EMC brings together hundreds of energy companies, utilities, marketers, vendors, and suppliers in the retail energy industry to network and learn. EMC is the largest and longest-running gathering of retail energy executives in North America and it takes place twice a year: Houston Texas in the Spring and New York City in the Fall.
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  • Hear Brilliant Keynote Speakers
  • Participate in Interactive Panels with Industry Leaders Sharing Knowledge
  • Attend the Executive Workshops on the Most Relevant Topics
  • Visit the 45+ Exhibitors Who Serve the Industry and Provide Value for Your Business
  • Interact With more than 40 of our Sponsors – the Leading Providers in the Competitive Energy Industry
  • Enjoy the EMC Award Ceremonies – Recognizing the Best in our Industry
  • Take Advantage of Phenomenal Networking Opportunities with Hundreds of Attendees
  • In-person conversations and meetings with key decision-makers is more effective than working through emails and video conferences