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Live – New York City
October 17-18, 2023

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EMC20 Agenda

EMC20 Keynote Speaker

Deryl Brown – Executive Chairman of Atlantic Energy

Deryl Brown is a proven energy business Chief Executive Officer with a legendary track record of value creation in the energy industry.  Mr. Brown has received various industry awards and holds records for starting, building, growing, and selling energy related businesses.

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What our Attendees are Saying

I was so impressed with the attendance and quality of speakers/session content. We look forward to growing our partnership with EMC and being a resource for EMC participants on state legislation/regulations and how to advocate for retail energy markets.

Abby Foster, Vice President, Policy & Advocacy


#EMC has been the cornerstone of our Sales and Marketing efforts enabling us to reach a highly targeted gathering of influential Retail Energy Professionals (#REP). Definitely a “Go To” event for us!

Dan Sullivan, CEO

eiQ Digital

“We had an awesome experience at #EMC in Houston!”

John Negus

Sr Consultant, DNV

“I was so thrilled to be back at EMC in Houston to support our partners and our energy clients.  The event always brings great people together, but the pre-conference panels really energized everyone and the conference sessions packed the house.  Hands down one of the best events of the year.”

Mark Wilkinson, SVP Products and Utility Solutions

Ibex Digital

“What a great conference! As a startup exec in the clean energy space, it was a perfect opportunity to hear from and network with everyone we’d want to partner with. Thanks for making it happen! Looking forward to the next one.”

Scott Rosenberg, Co-Founder


Thanks again for everything, and congrats on running another successful EMC event in Houston.

JP Campione, Head of Marketing

Rhythm Energy

“Thanks for putting on another great EMC!

Paul Keene, CEO

Tomorrow Energy

“Thank you for everything. That was a fantastic event, and you and your team crushed it!”

Brad Luna, COO,

Spinakr Solutions

EMC19 was awesome! Congrats on a job well done by the EMC team! We are looking forward to the next Energy Marketing Conference!

Tiffany Dugar Hatchett Executive Director

JP Morgan Chase

EMC19 was a fantastic conference – our team loved the energy levels during the panels, which were both practical and interactive. We look forward to seeing everyone again in NYC for EMC20!

Rob Potosky, Esquire


“EMC provides the absolute best opportunity to reach out to industry pros…”

Dave Swan, CEO

Loyalty Solutions, an Optimus Company

“I thought EMC18 in NYC was great last week! It was good to see everyone in person again.”

Matt White, EVP


“Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks and congrats on yet another hugely successful EMC.  I found the event extremely valuable and enjoyed all the sessions.”

Vincent Palmeri, CEO

SustainEnergy, LLC

“I have attended every single Energy Marketing Conference since EMC1 (NYC 2014) and I thoroughly enjoyed every event. It has been great to see the evolution of the conferences. On behalf of the retail energy industry I thank Jack and Larry for running these events and providing us incredibly invaluable opportunities for networking, learning and growth!”

Summer Hilfers

Cyber Group

“Congratulations on a fantastic conference! A very impressive result!” 

Michael Kagan

Concentric Energy Advisors 

“I think the conference has really exceeded expectations, and your team has done a fantastic job.”

Michael Gruin

Stevens & Lee

“Very nice conference today. You got great attendance and a really good variety of panelists. Many thanks…” 

Heather Farber

NRG Residential Solutions

GREAT WORK JACK. It was really, really good.  Congrats.

Karthik Rajan

Lucrae Energy

“WELL DONE. You pulled it off. Amazing.”

Tony Frenzel

Earth Etch
“The Energy Marketing Conference is the GOLD STANDARD conference in our industry.  Count me in as a participant!”
David Visneau
CCO, Shell Energy Solutions

Panel Discussions

Panel #1:

“Empowering Diversity in Retail Energy: Expanding the Roles of Minorities and Women”

Sponsored by Customized Energy Solutions

The panel will shed light on the significant role minorities and women play in the retail energy industry. We will bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and advocates to discuss the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for promoting diversity and inclusivity within the retail energy landscape. The panel aims to inspire meaningful conversations, share experiences, and propose actionable strategies to empower diversity and help support minority-owned and women-owned enterprises in the retail energy industry. By fostering diversity and inclusion, the panel envisions a vibrant and equitable competitive energy sector that better reflects our customers and benefits from a wider range of perspectives and innovation.

Panel #2:

“The Challenges of Sustainability Goals for Large Real Estate Firms and the Country’s Largest Energy Customers”

Sponsored by David Energy

As the world grapples with pressing environmental concerns, the real estate industry and the largest energy customers face unique challenges in aligning their operations with sustainability goals. Through this panel session, attendees will gain valuable insights into large real estate firms’ multifaceted challenges and the country’s largest energy customers in pursuing sustainability goals. The discussions will enable a better understanding of the complexities involved and inspire innovative approaches to drive transformative change in these industries. The panel will include industry leaders, sustainability experts, and representatives from large real estate firms and energy companies.

“FASTBALL! – Vote for your favorite of our 10 Fastball Pitchers presenting for exactly four minutes each!”

Fastball offers a unique opportunity for vendors to pitch their new products or services to a highly targeted audience of industry experts, decision-makers, and potential customers who may be actively seeking new products and services. With just a 4-minute pitch, they can make a lasting impression and generate valuable leads for their business.  Don’t miss this fast and fun round. Speakers from AIG, AnswerNet, ArcTrade, Capital Foundry, CG Infinity, GREEN E, Innowatts, Medtractions, SeeMeSign and US Air Force, Office of Energy Assurance

Panel #4:

“David and Goliath: How can the Small-Midsize Retailers Compete with the Behemoths?”

Sponsored by VertexOne

Small to midsize energy retailers often feel they cannot compete with the top ten vertically-integrated suppliers.  The “Behemoths” own their load generation, have their own wholesale trading desks, and are now capturing huge market share.  What is a startup or a privately-owned energy supplier to do to survive? The panel will bring together experts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to discuss strategies, opportunities, and innovative approaches enabling small and midsize suppliers to compete effectively against larger incumbents.  The panel aims to provide the small guys valuable insights, differentiation strategies, and inspiration! David used the most advanced state-of-the-art technology at the time to defeat Goliath. Smaller retailers can also embrace technology and use their size as an advantage!

“Panel #5:

“The Energy Transition: Community Solar, EVs, BMS, Carbon Offsets, and More!”

Sponsored by NRG

The panel will delve into the various aspects of the ongoing energy transition and explore the diverse technologies and strategies shaping the energy sector’s future. This panel will bring together industry experts, policymakers, technology innovators, and environmental advocates to discuss and share insights on community solar, electric vehicles, building management systems, carbon offsets, and other key elements of the energy transition.  Energy suppliers who are embracing the energy transition are immensely benefiting as they continue to find ways to differentiate their businesses and become the “go to” companies for customers who need to “greenify” their lives. The discussion is a must-attend for every energy supplier who wants to participate in this sea change and simultaneously increase their bottom lines. The discussions and insights shared will inspire stakeholders to take decisive action towards a cleaner, more customer-focused and more profitable energy future.

Panel #6:

CEO Round Table: “Understanding the New Energy Customer of Tomorrow”

Sponsored by Capco

The CEO Round Table: “Understanding the New Energy Customer of Tomorrow” brings together visionary CEOs and industry leaders to discuss the evolving needs, preferences, and expectations of energy customers in the future. This dynamic round table will delve into the changing landscape of the energy industry, emerging trends, and disruptive technologies, shedding light on strategies to meet the demands of the new energy customer.  The CEO Round Table aims to provide valuable insights, exchange of ideas, and strategic perspectives on understanding and serving the new energy customer. By exploring emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and customer-centric strategies, the panel envisions an energy industry that is responsive, sustainable, and customer-driven. The discussions will inspire CEOs and industry leaders to develop forward-thinking strategies that meet the evolving needs of energy customers in the future.

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