“The semi-annual Energy Marketing Conference is the place to be for timely content and excellent networking opportunities.  Sometimes I speak on a panel, and sometimes I am in the audience, but I always have a productive and enjoyable experience when attending the EMC.” – Chris Hendrix, Demand Control 2
“Good job on EMC21 in Houston, it was a great event.  See you in Vegas!”  – Harold Marx, NRG

“EMC was an huge success for every member of our team that attended. The time we put into the event produced a positive ROI.  We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!”  — David Pierce, Powwr

“EMC21…Great Agenda, Fantastic Speakers and an Amazing Event! Best EMC in the last 10 years! See you in Vegas!!” – Dan Sullivan, eIQDigital

“My first experience at EMC, and I’m blown away at the scale, the organization.  It’s been an A+ experience.  Can’t wait for September in Vegas.”
 – Wayne Buchanan, TPV.com

“EMC21…Great Agenda, Fantastic Speakers and an Amazing Event!  See you in Vegas!!”
Matt McGaughey, Spinakr Solutions

“I’ve been to 21 EMC Conferences and EMC21 has been the best one by far with the quality of speakers, relevant topics and the right people attending.”
 – Ananda Goswami, VertexOne

EMC21 was terrific! I had 12 productive meetings over the two-day period with very useful professionals who had lots of expertise. I am very happy I attended.”
 – Andy LaPointe, Chief Compliance Officer, Eligo Energy

“I’ve found the networking opportunities at the Energy Marketing Conference to be quite effective. Over the years, we’ve acquired more than half a dozen retailers through connections forged at these events.”
    – Paul Konikowski, COO Via Renewables

EMC19 was awesome! Congrats on a job well done by the EMC team! We are looking forward to the next Energy Marketing Conference!”
    – Tiffany Dugar Hatchett, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase 

“I was so impressed with the attendance and quality of speakers/session content. We look forward to growing our partnership with EMC and being a resource for EMC participants on state legislation/regulations and how to advocate for retail energy markets.”
    – Abby Foster, VP, REAL

“Thank you for everything.  That was a fantastic event, and you and your team crushed it!”
    – Brad Luna, Managing Director, Spinakr Solutions

“Thanks for putting on another great EMC!”
    – Paul Keene, CEO, of Tomorrow Energy

“Thanks again for everything, and congrats on running another successful EMC event in Houston.”
    – JP Campione, Head of Marketing, Rhythm Energy

“EMC has been the cornerstone of our Sales and Marketing efforts enabling us to reach a highly targeted gathering of influential Retail Energy Professionals. Definitely a “Go To” event for us!
    – Dan Sullivan, CEO, eIQ Digital

“EMC is the Gold Standard of our industry. Count me in!” ​
    – David Visneau, Shell Energy Solutions

“Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks and congrats on yet another hugely successful EMC.  I found the event extremely valuable and enjoyed all the sessions.”
    – Vincent Palmeri, CEO SustainEnergy, LLC

“Very nice conference today. You got great attendance and a really good variety of panelists.  Many thanks!”
    – Heather Farber, NRG Residential Solutions

“I was so thrilled to be back at EMC in Houston to support our partners and our energy clients.  The event always brings great people together, but the pre-conference panels really energized everyone and the conference sessions packed the house.  Hands down one of the best events of the year.”
    – Mark Wilkinson, SVP Products and Utility Solutions, ibex Digital

“What a great conference! As a startup exec in the clean energy space, it was a perfect opportunity to hear from and network with everyone we’d want to partner with. Thanks for making it happen! Looking forward to the next one.”
    – Scott Rosenberg, Co-Founder, 257

“We had an awesome experience at EMC in Houston!”
    – John Negus, Sr. Consultant, DNV

“EMC19 was a fantastic conference – our team loved the energy levels during the panels, which were both practical and interactive.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in NYC for EMC20!”
    – Rob Potosky, Esquire, AEG

“I thought EMC18 in NYC was great last week! It was good to see everyone in person again.”
    – Matt White, EVP, IGS

“EMC provides the absolute best opportunity to reach out to industry pros…”
    – Dave Swanson, Loyalty Solutions

“EMC is the way we get a pulse on the industry trends, tech, reg. environment and lots more”
    – Meagan Labossiere, JP Morgan Chase

“Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks and congrats on yet another hugely successful EMC.  I found the event extremely valuable and enjoyed all the sessions.”
    – Vincent Palmeri, COO, Source Power

“EMC has the perfect blend of retail energy professionals…”
    – Steven Tyberski,  Citibank