EMC17 Live Today – Houston, TX – March 28-29 2022


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March 28, 2022 – Hyatt Regency, The Regency Room, 2nd Floor

    • 1:00pm – 3:00pm Two-hour Risk Management Seminar for Competitive Energy Firms – Facilitated by CCRO

    • 3:30pm – 4:00pm Pre-Conference Brainstorming Breakout Session #1 – “Improving Compliance Practices to Avoid Costly Regulatory Investigations”– Sponsored by Feller Law

    • 4:00pm – 4:30pm Pre-Conference Brainstorming Breakout Session #2 – “Using Technology to Provide Better Value and Pricing to Your Clients” – Sponsored by ENPOWERED 


    • 4:30pm – 5:00pm Pre-Conference Brainstorming Breakout Session #3 – “Expanding Retail Markets” Ideas on how to expand the geographical footprint in the USA with Richard Spilky, RESA

    • 5:00pm  – 5:30 PM Pre-Conference Brainstorming Breakout Session #4 – “Alternative Ways to Post Collateral and Protect Your Business”– Sponsored by Bondaval


    • 5:30pm – 7:30pm Registration – Imperial Ballroom, 3rd floor

    • 6:00pm – 7:30pm Opening Reception – Sponsored by Euler Hermes

March 29, 2022, Hyatt Regency, Imperial Ballroom, 3rd floor

Keynote Speaker EMC17

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President of retail at EDF Energy North America

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Deb Merril
President of Retail at EDF Energy North America

Deb is the President of Retail at EDF Energy North America, a leading competitive supplier to the large C&I segment, and part of EDF Group which is one of the world’s largest power companies and a global leader in low-carbon energy.  EDF Energy provides a suite of products including power, gas, renewable energy, demand response, energy efficiency, and on-site generation management.  When Deb joined EDF in 2019, she was challenged to take the current business and create meaningful and profitable growth.  She designed and implemented a strategic plan that improved systems and processes, made changes to organizational structure to leverage talent and provide clear accountability for key areas, and grew the sales footprint to reach a broader customer base.  This has led to significant growth moving EDF from the fifth-largest Commercial and Industrial power supplier up to the third position, while significantly growing the profitability of the business.

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What our Attendees are Saying

“The semi-annual Energy Marketing Conference is the place to be for timely content and excellent networking opportunities.  Sometimes I speak on a panel, and sometimes I am in the audience, but I always have a productive and enjoyable experience when attending the EMC.”

Chris Hendrix, CEO & Co-Founder

Demand Control 2, LLC

EMC21 was terrific! I had 12 productive meetings over the two-day period with very useful professionals who had lots of expertise. I am very happy I attended.”

Andy LaPointe, Chief Compliance Officer

Eligo Energy

“I’ve been to 21 EMC Conferences and EMC21 has been the best one by far with the quality of speakers, relevant topics and the right people attending.”

Ananda Goswami, SVP Retail Sales


“EMC was an huge success for every member of our team that attended. The time we put into the event produced a positive ROI.  We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

David Pierce, Director North American Sales


“Good job on EMC21 in Houston, it was a great event.  See you in Vegas!”

Harold Marx, Director


I’ve found the networking opportunities at the Energy Marketing Conference to be quite effective. Over the years, we’ve acquired more than half a dozen retailers through connections forged at these events.

Paul Konikowski, Chief Operating Officer

Via Renewables

I was so impressed with the attendance and quality of speakers/session content. We look forward to growing our partnership with EMC and being a resource for EMC participants on state legislation/regulations and how to advocate for retail energy markets.

Abby Foster, Vice President, Policy & Advocacy


#EMC has been the cornerstone of our Sales and Marketing efforts enabling us to reach a highly targeted gathering of influential Retail Energy Professionals (#REP). Definitely a “Go To” event for us!

Dan Sullivan, CEO

eiQ Digital

“We had an awesome experience at #EMC in Houston!”

John Negus, Sr Consultant


“I was so thrilled to be back at EMC in Houston to support our partners and our energy clients.  The event always brings great people together, but the pre-conference panels really energized everyone and the conference sessions packed the house.  Hands down one of the best events of the year.”

Mark Wilkinson, SVP Products and Utility Solutions

Ibex Digital

“What a great conference! As a startup exec in the clean energy space, it was a perfect opportunity to hear from and network with everyone we’d want to partner with. Thanks for making it happen! Looking forward to the next one.”

Scott Rosenberg, Co-Founder


Thanks again for everything, and congrats on running another successful EMC event in Houston.

JP Campione, Head of Marketing

Rhythm Energy

“Thanks for putting on another great EMC!

Paul Keene, CEO

Tomorrow Energy

“Thank you for everything. That was a fantastic event, and you and your team crushed it!”

Brad Luna, COO,

Spinakr Solutions

EMC19 was awesome! Congrats on a job well done by the EMC team! We are looking forward to the next Energy Marketing Conference!

Tiffany Dugar Hatchett Executive Director

JP Morgan Chase

EMC19 was a fantastic conference – our team loved the energy levels during the panels, which were both practical and interactive. We look forward to seeing everyone again in NYC for EMC20!

Rob Potosky, Esquire


“EMC provides the absolute best opportunity to reach out to industry pros…”

Dave Swan, CEO

Loyalty Solutions, an Optimus Company

“I thought EMC18 in NYC was great last week! It was good to see everyone in person again.”

Matt White, EVP


“Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks and congrats on yet another hugely successful EMC.  I found the event extremely valuable and enjoyed all the sessions.”

Vincent Palmeri, CEO

SustainEnergy, LLC

“I have attended every single Energy Marketing Conference since EMC1 (NYC 2014) and I thoroughly enjoyed every event. It has been great to see the evolution of the conferences. On behalf of the retail energy industry I thank Jack and Larry for running these events and providing us incredibly invaluable opportunities for networking, learning and growth!”

Summer Hilfers

Cyber Group

Panel Discussions

Panel #1: “How Complying With the New Renewable Requirements Can Boost Profits”


Ananda Goswamni

As more and more states and customers are focused on ESG and implementing renewables, the retail energy industry is changing in a visceral way. There are dozens of new requirements on a state level and the pace of change is truly dizzying.  How do we navigate this constantly changing landscape? Is there a way to comply and also to find ways to boost the bottom line profits in the process?  This panel will focus on the positives of compliance the opportunities for retailers in the new world of ESG-centered marketing and product creation.  CEO’s, COOs and CMO’s will all benefit from this discussion.

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Panel #2: International Expansion Sponsored by CES

Gustav Beerel

This panel will feature professionals with experience opening up retail energy companies in different countries outside of the USA. Japan, Europe, and South America are just a few of the possibilities for expansion. What does it take to do this? How much capital? What kind of team is needed? How do we navigate the compliance as well as the language barriers? How different are these foreign operations from our operations in the USA? What is the best way to market overseas? How much can be outsourced?  How long will it take to open an international business?

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Panel #3: Achieving Success in Risk Management After Ercot 2021” Sponsored by cQuant.io


Brock Mosovsky, PHD

In February of 2021, the ERCOT market in Texas experienced catastrophic electricity price spikes that few retail energy providers were prepared to deal with. As a result, many went out of business and the ones that survived were blamed for sky-high rates. This panel will focus on how retailers can survive the next disaster, with an emphasis on risk management around worst-case scenarios. This is a critical panel for C-suite executives, risk managers, traders, wholesale suppliers, finance companies, and anyone who deals with risk in the retail energy industry.

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Panel #4: “What Strong Operational Processes Look Like in Retail Energy” – Sponsored by BrokerX


Brett Jurishi

In February of 2021, the Ercot market in Texas had catastrophic volatility which no one was prepared to deal with. As a result, many REPs went out of business and the ones that survived were blamed for the sky-high rates. This panel will be focused on how to avoid the next disaster; how to properly plan the risk management to prepare for worst-case scenarios.  This is a critical panel for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, traders, wholesale suppliers, finance companies and anyone who manages risk in the retail energy industry

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Panel #5: How to Acquire More Customers With Digital Engagement -Sponsored by Salesforce

Nathan Gastineau

Since the pandemic began, digital engagement has become even more important to find, engage, acquire and retain customers. No longer is the day of just door-to-door sales. Energy consumers, especially the younger ones, really do want a relationship with their energy supplier.  They go online to research before they buy and prefer digital communications.  For this reason, retailers need to focus on how they can build their businesses online to find new customers and own the customer relationship.  In this panel our experts will focus on best practices to build their online presence, get creative with products and promotions and what digital tools they use to engage them.  

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Panel #6: Developments in Community Solar and DER for Retailers - Sponsored by Agility CIS

Jennifer Moore

There is an energy transition going on in this country.  ESG has become a focus of millions of people and companies throughout the USA. People are demanding carbon reduction and less reliance on the grid. Community Solar is booming! Distributed Energy Resources are not for the future – they are the present.  Retail energy providers are learning how to take advantage of this revolution to build their businesses on strong ground.  

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Panel #7: CEO Round Table: Where Do We Go From Here? - Sponsored by Cyber Group

Deryl Brown

This panel of the top CEOs in retail energy will focus on the future “Where do we go from here?  The Retail Energy market is evolving and changing very quickly with M&A, climate events, push to move to green products as well as regulatory roadblocks and “bad actors”.  Our CEO roundtable is the highlight of every EMC and this one is no different.  Our CEO’s will look into their “crystal balls” to discuss “Where do we go from here to change the narrative about retail energy?” 

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Pre-Conference Brainstorming Breakout Session #4 – “Alternative Ways to Post Collateral and Protect Your Business”

Natara Feller:
Improving Compliance Practices to Avoid Costly Regulatory Investigations
A key to success in this industry is flying under the radar and staying off the $h!t list.  There are significant and costly consequences to your business if you fail to comply with federal, state, and local rules and regulations.  Suppliers and brokers are responsible not only for their own employees, but for the agents and vendors that represent them as well. Join Feller Law Group to learn how improving your internal operations and oversight of staff and outside vendors will save your company money and time, avoid lengthy investigations and public enforcement proceedings, and allow you to concentrate on your business.

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Pre-Conference Brainstorming Breakout Session #3 - Expanding Retail Markets - Ideas on How to Expand the Geographical Footprint in the USA”

Richard Spilky

At present, there are several states considering some form of retail power competition to take place at the customer level.  At the same time there are many traditional vertically integrated utilities seeking to prevent these options from taking place.  Meanwhile, there is a myriad of misinformation and misunderstanding about the benefits that competitive retail power markets have demonstrated over the years.  Meanwhile, the Retail Energy Supplier Association (RESA) has documented numerous facts and figures to document the benefits of competitive retail power markets.  However, we need your help to bring this information forward in order to get our message out to the various stakeholders in the traditional vertically integrated states that currently do not enable the choice of supplier.  Please join this discussion to see what you can do to help move the ball forward for competitive retail supply markets!




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EMC17 Executive Workshops


McKenzie Meek

Manager of Market Strategy for EC Infosystems/VertexOne

Discussing how technology can help assist a smooth new market entry for energy suppliers.

  • Learn what steps energy suppliers can take to adapt to new territories with agility.
  • Explore how brand leaders in our industry leverage creative automation tools and techniques to optimize their efficiency.
  • Review the technologies available to benchmark brand penetration in fast-changing energy markets.


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