In the Aftermath of Winter Strom Uri Energy Choice Protected Customers while Regulated Utilities Protected Shareholders

Photo courtesy of In February 2021, a large portion of the United States was impacted by Winter Storm Uri which brought snow, ice and punishing cold to the center of the country, triggering electricity and natural gas price spikes across a number of states.  The public narrative after Winter Storm Uri has generally been […]

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The ongoing global energy transition is, in its simplest form, a fundamental evolution in the way we produce, transport, store, and consume energy across the entire energy value chain. This transition is focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to reduce climate change and is being driven by an evolving mix of institutional […]

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Key Reasons to Attend Live Energy Marketing Conferences by Jack Doueck


Since I founded the company in 2013 with Larry Leikin, I have run the past 16 Energy Marketing Conferences. Attendees always tell me great stories about how they participated in our events and how it helped them grow their businesses. Long-time supporter and attendee, Peter Muzsi from Core Development Group (the Afternoon Break Sponsor at […]

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EMC Announces the Winner of the 2021 Leadership and Integrity Award!

We would like to congratulate the winner of the 2021 EMC Leadership and Integrity Award!  Bill Kinneary accepting the award on behalf of Georgia Natural Gas The nine nominees for the annual EMC Leadership and Integrity Award were companies who made remarkable contributions to their local communities and to the country.  They have all shown […]

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Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC announced today the nominees for the “Leadership and Integrity Award”

Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC announced today the nominees for the “Leadership and Integrity Award” that will be presented at its sixteenth semi-annual Energy Marketing Conference held at the Midtown Hilton Hotel in New York City on October 6th and 7th,2021 – iCrowdNewswire The theme of the Energy Marketing Conference will be ‘Getting Back to Normal.’ […]

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Future Ready Energy Billing in an Accelerating, Changing Sector

The pace of change in the energy sector continues to accelerate – and with NetZero and new distributed technologies contributing to huge operational advances and expectations for energy retailers, it’s time to take the next step forward in retail energy platforms. As energy retail evolves, collaboration with customers to innovate new features and products is […]

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Retail Energy Providers (REPs) or RE Marketers (REMs)?

We have been searching for the genesis from where the acronym “REPs” came from.  I think the word “Providers” subconsciously does not position most of our REPs for higher success.  I do not think our REPs provide anything.  I believe they are Retail Energy Marketers (REMs).  I am glad that our friends at EMC introduced […]

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Retail Energy Modernization – What Do You Do with the Old Data?

Retail energy providers (REPs) are rushing to modernize their enterprise architecture in order to stay relevant to their customers. New products, services, and programs are rapidly transforming the industry. This transformation and the need to modernize almost always require a new core billing/CIS platform. However, while even a normal (non-retail energy) company would likely need […]

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Native Cloud vs. Cloud-Enabled Solutions: Which One Should You Choose

AgilityCIS Native Cloud

The emergence of SaaS solutions and cloud applications has brought about numerous innovations and almost endless possibilities. However, it has also created confusion for many. As an umbrella term, cloud-based applications can generally be divided into two categories: Native Cloud and Cloud-Enabled. It’s critical to know the differences between these application types when investing in […]

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