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This article delves into the data-centric brilliance exemplified by Billy Beane’s tactics with the Oakland A’s, as chronicled in “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis. BASEBALL GM Office: Baseball Scout: “Well, there’s some work to be done, I’ll admit that. And he’s got an ugly girlfriend.” GM Billy Beane: “What does that mean?” Baseball Scout: “An ugly […]

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Navigating the New Energy Frontier

Acquiring Customers Through Safe and Scalable Digital Advertising In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, suppliers are facing unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities. Traditional customer acquisition methods such as door-to-door (D2D), Outbound Telemarketing (OBTM), and affiliate marketing are on the decline.  New safe and scalable approaches to acquiring high-quality customers are needed to overcome these […]

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Updated Overview of New Rules and Compliance Deadlines For Retail Energy Brokers in New York

Compliance deadlines for new rules from the New York Public Service Commission (PSC), which would have subjected retail energy brokers and consultants to an annual registration requirement, including the posting of financial security, as well as new marketing rules and regulations, including the disclosure of compensation, have been extended by the PSC, as the Commission […]

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Leadership and the Future of the Energy Sector

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The energy sector is rapidly changing. Several realities are shaping the future of energy, including emerging policies on energy imports and exports, increasing decarbonization efforts, and threats of greenflation—the rise in energy prices and raw materials because of the transition to greener processes. These could positively and negatively impact energy companies and institutions, so leaders must […]

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How to Build Customer Relationships by Gift-Giving

This essay is based on the article entitled, “How to Give Great Gifts: What Science Teaches Us” by Jeff Galak and Julian Givi in the Wall Street Journal on 5/27/23. All businesses have one thing in common: they run on relationships and those relationships need work. They usually don’t develop into trusting, symbiotic ones without effort. One way […]

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Energy Marketing Conferences unveiled the nominees vying for the “Leadership and Integrity Award”

October 4, 2023 – New York, NY – Today, Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC unveiled the nominees vying for the “Leadership and Integrity Award” at the upcoming twentieth bi-annual Energy Marketing Conference. The grand event is scheduled for October 17-18, 2023 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel located in Times Square, New York City. Under the compelling […]

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Maximizing Team Capability On A Budget

A theory for your consideration- spike strength and it’s corollary, spike weakness. Here is a methodology for cost-effectively producing extraordinary performance in teams and organizations without breaking the bank. Let’s use a sporting analogy to illustrate. If you are competing in a decathlon, you have to be capable in all 10 sports. Finding these water […]

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