The Sustainable Workplace, Proven Tips How To Create A Sustainable Work Environment

By Tiffany Harper

Climate change, global warming, and plastic pollution are just a few of the words that describe the last years. Since the industrial period, humanity has developed tremendously, just look at the energy delivering, it changed tremendously in the last decades. Beginning from the different energy sources like green energy and leading to the energy saving. It has invented amazing machinery and devices that make our life easier. Virtual assistants, food processors, airplanes, boats, cruise ships, and many more have been invented by humans. Cities were built by humans who have this deep desire of conquering every land. Most things created by humans are not sustainable for the environment and people, and this is also the case with our workplaces.

But what does a sustainable workplace look like? A sustainable workplace is a workplace that was built taking into consideration the fragile balance we need to maintain with the planet. The equipment, internal practices, and even the way the office is decorated are some of the factors that influence the sustainability of a workplace and the health of the employees. 

However, the development of humanity and life on Earth has led to high costs our planet started to pay. And it is not only about the planet but about all the biodiversity that encompasses it too. It is about the plants, the wildlife, the insects, birds, and many more species that exist on the Blue Planet. Concurrently, this development is not affecting only the flora and fauna, but also our lifestyles. 

A few decades ago, people have conquered some lands who have been later transformed into cities, and were very busy finding cheap and later alternative energy sources. Concrete, skyscrapers, and a lack of green spaces and the green energy sources have led to higher temperatures within the city. We can say that the things that make our lives easier are detrimental to the health of the planet. But they are affecting our health as well. And preserving the planet both for us and the generations that will come is mandatory. We only have one home and we must protect it. 

Sustainability and eco-friendly behaviors seem to be the way to go by. As Millennials are entering the workforce, they change their expectations from their employers. Young generations and not only are working towards a more sustainable culture people should abide by. This is one of the reasons many companies are looking forward to creating a more sustainable workplace. 

According to writers on sustainability from the AustralianWritings and Assignment Masters, reducing your carbon footprint as a company will generate other benefits as well. Not only for the environment but the health of the company and its employees. 

A sustainable workplace will lead to fewer sick days employees take and reduce costs associated with these. At the same time, people will feel closer to a company that values both the health of the planet and its employees, so talent retention will be higher. Employees that feel they and their wellness is valued will be more productive, loyal to the company, and satisfied with their job. 


Use Green Power 

Every human consumes power in his daily activities. Considering the fact that people spend eight hours per day at work, they consume a lot of power at work. Companies that have large numbers of employees know for sure how much the electricity bill is. Daily use of laptops, coffee machines, and other equipment consumes a lot of energy and power. 

Emphasizing green power is like a lottery ticket for employees. They value the Earth and the resources it offers to sustain all life on it. At the same time, companies can reduce costs by using wind and solar power. This means that you can invest the money you usually paid on monthly electricity bills into something else. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle might be one of the most important mantras environmentalists have. And it is one of those mantras companies should abide by. They generate huge amounts of waste that usually end up in our landfills. It is thus important to adopt an eco-friendly view of the office activities. 

Reducing the amount of waste generated by buying only the things necessary. Companies can easily assess the amount of monthly coffee, milk, or office materials necessary. Some businesses buy more than they need to have just in case. But in fact, mainly food products expire until they are used, so they are thrown away. 

Reusing the materials and equipment you already have. Buying high-tech equipment is important for employees and it enforces their productivity. However, some companies do this every year, without considering the amount of invisible waste generated. 

If you do not need the last laptop versions, then consider using the ones you already have. This is also valid for coffee machines, printing machines, and others. Encouraging the employees to do so and sharing the environmental benefits will make the workplace more sustainable. 

Recycling the waste generated. Companies generate waste consisting of paper, plastics, or more toxic for the Earth, batteries, and many more. Recycling is important because it gives the used products a new life without putting the planet’s resources to risk. 

At the same time, by recycling you reduce the amount of waste that ends in landfills, so the pollution of the soil and water. Encouraging the employees to recycle their waste and teaching them how to do it correctly is a plus, highlights a paper by a dissertation writing service and assignment writers. One step closer to a sustainable workplace. 

Transport to the Office Place 

According to the reports of the assignment writing service, companies that want to make their business and workplace more sustainable need to think not only about the activities that take place within the building’s walls. Daily commutes by its employees are also damaging to the environment, especially if they use their personal cars. Transport to the office is an aspect that needs to be considered by businesses. 

How can you make this more sustainable? There are a few options. One of them would be to encourage the employees to use public transportation or eco-friendly means of transportation, such as bicycles or scooters. Install bike racks and assure that the parking place is safe and secure to prevent any bike or scooter thefts. 

Another option would be to build an internal system that allows employees to share cars. If they live in a nearby area and come to work around the same hour, they can share the car. This will reduce emissions and their carbon footprint. 

The last option would be to offer your employees with transportation opportunities. For example, you could rent a monthly bus to help your employees commute. This is easier done in the case of factories or companies that do not have flexible working hours. 

Waste Generated by Construction

According to the specialists from the MyAssignmentWriting, if you plan to build your own office space, then you should know that it is in your power to make it a sustainable working place. You can choose eco-friendly materials that help with the insulation so that you will need less heating or cooling. At the same time, where you place the windows is important. One thing many office buildings lack is natural ventilation. 

It is also important to order only the number of materials you need. Reducing excess is important because waste is generated also when producing those materials. 

And when it comes to office design, reusing furniture you already have and recycling office materials is one of the ways you can create a sustainable working place. You can also have a few artworks made from recycled materials to show the employees some examples of how they can do it. 

Later, you could organize a contest and encourage the employees to create their own works of art from plastic, metal, or other recycled materials. This will put their creativity to test and increase their job satisfaction, as they will feel that the workplace is not only about working but about having fun too. 

Green Offices 

Plants in the working place are known to boost productivity by up to 15%. They reduce the stress associated with the workplace, boost mood, and also improve air quality. The green color is associated with nature, relaxation, and calm, and this will benefit the employees for sure. 

Besides looking good and giving the workplace a natural feeling, plants are also known to help employees concentrate better. This means that they will be more efficient in a sustainable working place. 


Sustainability is based on three pillars: nature, humans, and the economy. Companies that value the environment should adopt sustainable working practices that will benefit both the employees and the planet. 

Choosing to add plants to the office will boost productivity and improve air quality. At the same time, companies that build their offices now can use recycled materials and improve the insulation and natural ventilation of the building. Green energy such as wind or solar power can truly help companies create a more sustainable working environment. Do not forget to reuse, reduce, and recycle. 

Tiffany Harper is a subject-matter expert writer and blogger. She provides consultations to a team of writers that offer writing services on sustainability topics. 

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