How To Write A Persuasive “About Us” Page For Your Green Energy Business

Energy sustainability and environmental responsibility are slowly becoming an expectation from business in 2021. According to recent reports, nearly 95% of people believe that personal actions can help reduce waste, climate change and increase biodiversity. Likewise, 27-30% of people only had their beliefs reinforced in the wake of COVID-19 and the social, environmental and energy issues it spawned. 

Thus, writing your business’ About Us page with those expectations in mind can significantly boost its appeal for both B2C and B2B stakeholders. With that, let’s take a look at how to write a more persuasive and professional About Us Page for your green energy business in 2021.

1.Ensure your Visitors’ Data Safety

Without a question, data privacy is something that you should provide to your website’s visitors. Data privacy regulations such as CCPA and GDPR exist so that individual visitors have a better insight into how their information is used online. Be proactive and learn to use these data laws so that your website is more appealing to users around the globe.

2. Address Industry Pain Points Early On

Potential clients and customers interested in your business’ services will have a certain set of expectations when visiting your website. Questions such as “is your business really green?” or “is your business certified?” will undoubtedly be on their minds. Instead of dodging these questions, write about them in your About Us page’s opening paragraph to persuade visitors into using your services more effectively.

3. Use Research and Facts to your Benefit

Given how science-based green energy and sustainability are in practice, why not use those facts to your advantage? An example of such a resource can be found in Stanford University’s energy division and their research into renewable energy. This research and facts included in it can serve as great resources for your visitors to pursue if they want to know about green energy.

4. Personalize your About Us Page

The best way to “persuade” visitors into reaching out to you is to use personal pronouns and address the visitor as an individual. Pronouns like “you”, “we” and “us” should be included in your About Us page and you should avoid using passive sentences as much as possible. If you manage to engage the reader on a personal level and help them identify with your green energy business’ vision, they will be persuaded.

5. Showcase your Team with Images and Descriptions

Writing your About Us page is as much about your team as it is about the business itself. You can use the About Us page to showcase your colleagues and their expertise in green energy through simple profile images and descriptions. This will humanize your brand and help persuade visitors to trust you with their time and resources.

6. Format the About Us Page for Easy Scanning

Formatting your About Us page so that it flows well is important if you want to earn the professional respect of your visitors. You should check out this helpful site with writing samples to get a better sense of how you can improve your page’s legibility. Treat your About Us page as a crucial part of your website and take time to properly format it for your visitors and SEO alike.

Properly Representing your Green Energy Business (Conclusion)

The way you write content for your business’ website will speak volumes of your practices in the industry and how familiar you are with it. Your About Us page is not just a formality, and it can be much more than that for your green energy business. 

Use it to showcase how dedicated you are toward green energy and how respective you are of your visitors’ data and experts in your company. Ticking off these boxes will help persuade future visitors of your business’ credibility and earn the public’s trust better than any marketing strategy ever could.

Kristin Savage is a freelance writer.

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