By Jack Doeuck, co-Founder, Energy Marketing Conferences

Some people say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

We have run 17 successful conferences since 2014, and after each conference, we ask our attendees what we should do to ‘change it up’ and most often the replies are “EMC is great, why change it?”

That said, we have decided to make some important changes for the 18th Energy Marketing Conference.


We moved from the Midtown Hilton to the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square.

This change will enable us to accommodate a lot more attendees and give everyone more space.

It will also provide us with a more comfortable environment for our new Pre-Conference Sessions (see below).


Our attendees wanted more content, and we are delivering with eight 30-minute pre-conference sessions on a range of topics.  Some of the topics include: “FERC Order 2222 and Its Potential Impact on Retail Suppliers and The Competitive Energy Markets”; “Does Your Preferred Wholesale Provider Still Support Your Business After Ercot 2021”? “The Best Power Purchasing Strategies;” “Improving Compliance Practices to Avoid Costly Regulatory Investigations.”

The program starts at 1:00 pm on September 14th and after 8 action-packed interactive sessions, we will all walk into the Opening Night Reception ready for drinks and more networking!


We reduced the Executive Workshops from six to two, increased the amount of time our attendees can spend just ‘chillin’ and networking and we added a seventh panel for EMC18.


EMC18 will feature many companies and thought leaders that the industry has yet to meet:

Abundant IoT, Crescent Mine Partners, Deposit Alternatives, Firefly Energy Solutions, Smartest Energy, Utility Rescue, Vericast, and many others.

Additionally, EMC17 saw so many new exhibitors such as Altice, AnswerNet, BondAval, Charter Communications, Cinch Home Services, Landfall Data, USIO Output, and others.

Also, some names from the ancient past have come back to EMC to present their new products and services such as: Darwill, Engie, Erth, Jules Energy, PR Quinlan, RESA, and many more!


There are a host of new sponsors at EMC18 such as:  Altice, Capital Foundry, CG Infinity, Electric Advisors Consulting, Kaks.io Labs. and MarketSmith.

Additionally, EMC17 saw new sponsor companies such as Amperon, AnswerNet, BondAval, Chase Bank, Cinch Home Services, Landfall Data, Swiss Re, Salesforce, and others. Also, some names from the ancient past have come back to EMC to present their new products and services such as: Engie and Jules Energy and many more!


EMC18 will welcome former commissioner of the Ohio PUC – Lawrence Friedeman, Frank Lacey of  Electric Advisors Consulting, Dan Allegretti of Sigma Consulting, Travis Kavula – Former Chair of the Montana Public Service Commission, currently Vice President, Regulatory Affairs for NRG Energy,  Steven Murray of Firefly Energy Solutions, Sean Kelly of Amperon, Dwight Scrugges of Cinch Home Services, Henry Cortes, CEO of Core Development Group, Garrett Peterson of Pivot Energy, Curtis Snyder of Arcadia, Ben Parvey, CEO of Blue Sky Power, Kira Costanza of Chargepoint, Chaitu Parikh, President of David Energy, Samantha Foy of Marketsmith, David Sher, CEO of Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corp, Vince Bradley, CEO of Abundant IoT, James McGinnis, CEO of David Energy, Michael Lee, CEO of Octopus Energy, Jonathan Clites of Capco, Tomas van Stee of Enpowered, Qadir Kahn, CEO of Competitive Power Ventures, Richard Spilky of Constellation, and many many other leading thought-leaders.


Our keynote is a “first-timer” as well: Kevin Greiner, CEO Gas South and he is excited to share his ideas with us about leading with purpose, especially during this critical time in our industry as we accelerate the energy transition.


You asked for panels that pin regulators vs. retailers and we came through. We brought back a panel on Mergers and Acquisitions.  We are running a risk management panel geared toward COOs. We have a C-Suite panel on the “The Biggest Challenges to Running a Retail Energy Supplier and How to Solve Them”. The world is changing right before our eyes so Panel 4 will focus on “Benefiting from the Solar, Storage, ESG and EV Revolutions.”  REPs are more and more focused on digital engagement to acquire and retain customers. EMC18 will feature Panel #5: “Digital Engagement: How to Benefit from and Accelerate the Energy Transition” and our ever-popular CEO Roundtable discussing “The Future of Retail Energy”.


We are excited to announce, for the first time ever, our “Wholesale Trading Zone” where the leading wholesaler traders in the competitive energy industry will each have a separate area with tabletop booths where they can meet and speak directly with the executives of Retail Energy Suppliers.

Even though EMC “aint broke” we are constantly evolving and growing to bring the competitive energy industry new and exciting topics and speakers that are relevant to today’s changing world.