How Third-Party Verification Protects your Energy Business

Third-Party Verification Protects your Energy Business

Third-Party Verification (TPV) is required by the Federal Trade Commission and most states’ public utility or Public Services Commission for telecom service changes, as well as by many states for changes in electric and natural gas services. For retail energy providers, you have no choice but to use third-party verification services. In the future, it’s […]

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Renewable Energy Credits, Are You Optimizing Your Portfolio?

Renewable Energy Credits

As private and public forces continue to drive clean energy development and energy transition in the United States, we continue to see Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”) play an increased role in the transition. In order to remain competitive, it is vital to understand how the market functions and overall trends and how to optimize your […]

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ERCOT Grid Reliability and A New Concern

Grid reliability is now rooted in the hearts and minds of Texans after experiencing the downfall of the ERCOT grid in February 2021.  Almost two years later, measures to improve grid reliability have been implemented. They include weatherization requirements put in place ahead of last winter for power plants, solar arrays, & wind turbines, as […]

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How Energy Retailers Can increase Their Value


Leading energy retailers are being proactive by offering compelling solutions to retain customers. TL;DR Energy retailers face growing competition, a crowded ecosystem, and high customer churn. Retaining customers means providing them with a suite of innovative solutions to help them manage their energy consumption. Retailers can’t do it all by themselves — they need to […]

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Renewable Energy is on the Rise with Economic Shifts

The market for renewable energy is booming, proving to be one of the only industries that is not only surviving but thriving, amidst the pandemic economic slump. Consumers are eager to invest in solar power, thanks to the Solar Investment Tax Credit, which subsidizes 30% of solar expenses for all users. Industry experts expect that installation […]

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Challenges of the Energy Transition

Energy Transition

The ambitious goal to achieve a Net-Zero energy system by 2050 is full of challenges well beyond simply scaling renewable energy generation. Some of the most significant challenges associated with transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy include intermittency/reliability, environmental impacts, land availability and transmission infrastructure, and the need for businesses, governments, and consumers to […]

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Load Disaggregation

What’s making your customer’s energy bill balloon? Is it their new induction range? The teenager’s long showers? An air conditioner working overtime to fight the summer heat? Thanks to machine learning, neural networks, and talented data scientists, those answers are available. Modern load disaggregation tools analyze customer usage data and enable customers to take control […]

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Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC Announced Gas South as the Winner of the “Leadership and Integrity Award”

Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC announced the winner of the “Leadership and Integrity Award” that was presented at its eighteenth semi-annual Energy Marketing Conference held in New York City on September 14th and 15th. Hundreds of attendees from all over the country participated in the largest networking and learning event in the competitive energy industry. Sponsored […]

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