The Texas Power Grid Fallout: View from a Risk Manager

It was exactly a year ago this month that Texas experienced a power grid fallout due to severe winter weather – a total anomaly in the history of the state. Even though the Texas fallout wasn’t the first time we’ve seen weather anomalies cripple the power grid and spell financial doom for organizations that were […]

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Keeping the Lights On Isn’t Only ERCOT’s Responsibility


One year ago, Winter Storm Uri caused catastrophic damage to Texas resulting in power loss for more than 4.5 million people and roughly 57 people died from hypothermia.1 The record-setting storm plunged the state into below-freezing temperatures for over a week. It’s estimated the economic toll Texas sustained ranged from $80-$130 billion due to power […]

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In the Aftermath of Winter Strom Uri Energy Choice Protected Customers while Regulated Utilities Protected Shareholders

Photo courtesy of In February 2021, a large portion of the United States was impacted by Winter Storm Uri which brought snow, ice and punishing cold to the center of the country, triggering electricity and natural gas price spikes across a number of states.  The public narrative after Winter Storm Uri has generally been […]

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The ongoing global energy transition is, in its simplest form, a fundamental evolution in the way we produce, transport, store, and consume energy across the entire energy value chain. This transition is focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to reduce climate change and is being driven by an evolving mix of institutional […]

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