Retail Energy Modernization – What Do You Do with the Old Data?

Retail energy providers (REPs) are rushing to modernize their enterprise architecture in order to stay relevant to their customers. New products, services, and programs are rapidly transforming the industry. This transformation and the need to modernize almost always require a new core billing/CIS platform. However, while even a normal (non-retail energy) company would likely need […]

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Native Cloud vs. Cloud-Enabled Solutions: Which One Should You Choose

AgilityCIS Native Cloud

The emergence of SaaS solutions and cloud applications has brought about numerous innovations and almost endless possibilities. However, it has also created confusion for many. As an umbrella term, cloud-based applications can generally be divided into two categories: Native Cloud and Cloud-Enabled. It’s critical to know the differences between these application types when investing in […]

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Flip the Script: Focusing More on Client Retention


The big debate for marketers is whether to focus on net new customers or to devote time to retaining existing customers. Retail Energy Providers (REP) can learn a lot from many of the large telecom, wireless, and cable operators. These companies have evolved significantly over the last two decades in their sales and marketing efforts.  […]

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How Energy Retailers Can Reduce Their Cost to Serve

Bill Identity

Across the globe, energy retailers are seeing an increase in the number of market participants. Only the fittest will feast; the rest will starve. In highly competitive markets like the US, the organizations that thrive will be the ones with the greatest control over their costs. Most retailers focus on two key metrics in the battle for profitability: The […]

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Energy Marketing Conferences Announced today That it is Running Two Free Webinars

“How to Incorporate Renewable Solutions into Your Retail Offerings” and “The Perfect Storm: Industry Impacts of the 2020/2021 Crises.” iCrowdNewswire Jun 14, 2021 7:00 AM ET Energy Marketing Conferences (“EMC”) announced today that it is running two free webinars: On June 29th it will run “How to Incorporate Renewable Solutions into Your Retail Offerings,” and on July […]

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Six Keys to Great Leadership in Difficult Times

By Jack Doueck Leadership is about dealing with change and helping others to deal with change in the most productive way possible. In 2020 tens of millions of hard-working people in all industries lost their jobs and tens of thousands of businesses closed.  In the USA alone over a half a million people died due […]

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How Smart Thermostat Programs Can Grow REP Revenue and Profitability

By Energy Marketing Conferences Smart Thermostat programs offered by Retail Energy Providers can accomplish three goals. They can help REPs mitigate exposure to real-time price volatility creating significant supply savings; they can create a new revenue stream for the REPs (through customer participation in demand response programs) and they can help REPs acquire and retain […]

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Prevent the Loss of 41% of Your Customers

People want and expect a personalized brand experience, so much so that they may leave your utility if they don’t get it. An Accenture study showed that 41% of consumers switched companies over a lack of trust and poor personalization, costing businesses $756 billion. Personalization refers to offering services and sending messages or content that […]

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Drive Bottom-Line Growth & Service Innovation With A Smarter CX Strategy

By Jennifer Moore Energy has historically lagged behind other industries in offering first-class digital-led customer experiences. But the rise of the connected consumer is increasing expectations, while digital-native market entrants are forcing everyone to up their game.  Let’s take a deeper dive into the fast-evolving world of CX for retail energy: Today in the US […]

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