Energy Marketing Conferences Announced Today That The Semi-Annual Fall EMC Will Be Converted Into A Three-Day Virtual Event And Expects Over 1,000 Attendees.

New York, NY – Energy Marketing Conferences announced today that the semi-annual Fall EMC will be converted into a three-day Virtual Event and expects over 1,000 attendees.

“The Energy Marketing Conference has always been the most impactful conference, tradeshow and media company in the retail energy industry,” said Larry Leikin, co-founder of EMC.  “We want our sponsors, exhibitors and attendees to be safe during these unprecedented times.  We have therefore decided to cancel the Orlando event and it convert our one-day fall conference into a three-day virtual platform that will take place on November 17th, 18th and 19th.”

EMC extensively researched and signed with the absolute best platform for hosting a virtual event.  “We will be able to replicate every aspect of our live events,” said Jack Doueck, co-founder of EMC. “There will be six important panel discussions with industry leaders, a renown keynote, the EMC Leadership and Integrity Awards, Executive Workshops, a three-dimensional Virtual Exhibition Hall, a social networking lounge with video chat capability, the return of “Fastball”, speed-dating, prizes for participation, and a whole lot more!”

The 14th Energy Marketing Conference will be free to attend.  EMC is expecting over 1,000 retail and wholesale energy professionals to participate.  The EMC 14 content run from 10:00am – 12:30pm Eastern time and the speed-dating and networking programs commence at 12:30pm and run until 5:30pm Eastern time all three days: November 17th, 18th & 19th.

The full agenda will be released is on the EMC website.

“Speed Dating is a good example of how we can replicate a live experience,” said Doueck. “Participating Retail Energy Providers will have six 10-minute video-chat meetings with vendors who requested introductions. It is like sitting at lunch as the person next to you tells you about his business for 10 minutes!”

Retail Energy Providers have been putting out fires and entirely focused on business continuity for the last four months and dozens of companies have confirmed that there is an incredible amount of pent-up demand for new products, new services, and networking.  EMC 14 promises to be the most important, the most exciting and the most relevant event ever in retail energy.

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Jack Doueck