The Renewable Energy Marketing Conference For Retailers Will Focus On The Cross Selling And Bundling Of Related Products And Services

New York, NY –Thursday, April 17, 2014 – The Energy Marketing Conference today announced the theme of the upcoming conference on September 8th, 2014.This event will focus on regulatory changes in the energy industry and discuss new opportunities for companies to succeed. The agenda will provide information and ideas on how energy marketers can drive revenue in these challenging times by bundling and cross-selling electric commodity  with a variety of value-added products and services.  By offering more products and appealing to more customers, retailers can create a sustainable differentiation in a crowded marketplace.   Green and alternative energy products are among the services that can give companies the advantage they need. 

In explaining the focus, EMC founder and board member Larry Leikin said, “This conference isn’t just about energy. It is about how bundling all types of additional products and services can improve the business.  There are many examples, but a few include renewable energy, energy efficiency surveys, retrofits, smart meters, home warranties, solar, carbon monoxide detectors, demand response, fuel cells, roadside assistance programs, identity protection, alarm systems, online backups, tech support and others.  If you’re an energy marketer, then you’re already thinking about how to bundle services and grow revenue from existing customers.”

Bundling services with multiple products will also help retailers lengthen the customers’ lifecycle.  Every energy company in the business would like to reduce customer churn.  Lowering attrition by even a few percentage points can have a profound effect on the overall business.

The goal of the September conference is to provide examples of how bundling services can:

1.   Make the acquisition of new customers easier
2.   Increase the margin per customer and overall profitability
3.   Expand the footprints of REPs: Sales of other products and services can occur in all 50 states
4.   Reduce churn
5.   Reduce customer complaints and enhance and extend the long-term relationship with customers
6.   Change the focus of the marketing from “price” to “service”and position the REPs as true service providers
7.   Provide REPs of all sizes the tools to differentiate themselves from the utilities and other competition

This conference promises to change the face of the industry; this is the first energy event dedicated solely to helping the competitive energy provider diversify and grow their products and customer base. The inaugural Energy Marketing Conference in February sold out 6 weeks before the event.  Nearly 400 energy professionals attended.  Early registration information points to another sold out event.

To learn more about how competitive energy companies can grow their businesses, differentiate themselves and succeed in challenging markets, join us for this important event. Please visit

Registration is 50% off, but only until April 30th.

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