“Why the Best Channels are Partners” Panel Announced

Energy Marketing Conferences 13, Houston
“Believing in Tomorrow”

Why the Best Channels are Partners

One of the reasons that people attend the Energy Marketing Conferences is the educational opportunities that exist with our panels.  We gather the leaders in each specific field to share their knowledge and insight.  At the Houston Energy Marketing Conference, we have a panel entitled ‘Why the Best Channels are Partners”.  This panel will focus on the pros and cons of using brokers to acquire energy customers.

This is a stellar panel made up of experts in the broker community.  The panel will occur at 1:30 at the Houston Energy Marketing Conference on March 3rd at the Grand Hyatt.   The panel will be moderated by Huston Able, the current president of TEPA.  The other panelists are:

Huston Able
Jim Fluet
Vistra Energy
Michael Drago
Nate Richards
Susan Dray
Dan Schilens
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“The Energy Marketing Conferences is BY FAR the best event I attend. I have learned so much valuable information and skills and I met important people and companies that I now do profitable business with every day. Thank you for running the EMC and for creating a tremendous number of opportunities for me and for the industry.”

Prateek Jain, CEO, Energy Guru, LLC
“Thank you and great job on the conference! It was one of the most interesting and useful conferences I have ever attended. The topics were perfectly in line with what we were looking for.”

Linda Tognini | Direct Energy