Using AI & Behavioural Science to Retain Customers

Why is customer retention important? We seem to have been having the conversation about customer retention for many years now.  You know the drill…retaining existing customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones, and satisfied customers are also more likely to refer others to the business. The message hasn’t changed – it’s just become even […]

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How Energy Retailers Can Increase Their Value

Leading energy retailers are being proactive by offering compelling solutions to retain customers. TL;DR Energy retailers face growing competition, a crowded ecosystem, and high customer churn. Retaining customers means providing them with a suite of innovative solutions to help them manage their energy consumption. Retailers can’t do it all by themselves — they need to […]

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Flip the Script: Focusing More on Client Retention


The big debate for marketers is whether to focus on net new customers or to devote time to retaining existing customers. Retail Energy Providers (REP) can learn a lot from many of the large telecom, wireless, and cable operators. These companies have evolved significantly over the last two decades in their sales and marketing efforts.  […]

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Leveraging AI to Maximize Customer Retention and Acquisitions


The deregulated retail energy market is a voracious landscape, with new competition flooding the marketplace in droves, trying to acquire as many RCEs they can get their hands on. However, the deregulated market has put the power in the hands of the consumer as they search to find the provider that offers the optimal plan(s) […]

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