How Third-Party Verification Protects your Energy Business

Third-Party Verification Protects your Energy Business

Third-Party Verification (TPV) is required by the Federal Trade Commission and most states’ public utility or Public Services Commission for telecom service changes, as well as by many states for changes in electric and natural gas services. For retail energy providers, you have no choice but to use third-party verification services. In the future, it’s […]

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Renewable Energy Credits, Are You Optimizing Your Portfolio?

Renewable Energy Credits

As private and public forces continue to drive clean energy development and energy transition in the United States, we continue to see Renewable Energy Credits (“RECs”) play an increased role in the transition. In order to remain competitive, it is vital to understand how the market functions and overall trends and how to optimize your […]

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ERCOT Grid Reliability and A New Concern

Grid reliability is now rooted in the hearts and minds of Texans after experiencing the downfall of the ERCOT grid in February 2021.  Almost two years later, measures to improve grid reliability have been implemented. They include weatherization requirements put in place ahead of last winter for power plants, solar arrays, & wind turbines, as […]

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