My New Year’s Resolution: Smile More Often

By Jack Doueck More than two decades ago I wrote a book about how acts of kindness enrich our lives. One whole chapter was devoted to the simple act of smiling.  The happiest people I know are those who spend most of their time focused on helping others, and the majority of these people have a […]

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How To Speed Up The Energy Transition

By: Jason Beck Over my 15 years in Retail Energy, I’ve often heard the term “the energy transition” while discussing the growing trend or adoption of renewable generation and other non-commodity services. If you run a business and want to be “investment grade”, a new term to be aware of is your ESG (Environment, Social […]

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Why Rejecting the Energy Sector ‘Norm’ is Long Overdue

By: Alexandrea Isaac While most of the world is anxious to get back to “normal” in 2021, the energy sector is no different. However, one question that many of us in the industry are not asked is what is our definition of “normal”?For me, when it comes to energy policy, “normal” is synonymous with status-quo […]

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