Sprosty Network Announces Executive Workshop At Houston Energy Marketing Conference

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Executive Workshop
Business Model Reinvention Create an Execution Plan for Differentiated Growth

Competition across the energy market is fierce. Establishing relevance and differentiation with your customers is essential to mitigate churn and maintain profitability and long-term growth. Sprosty Network will share strategic insights regarding disruptive new business models and customer-centric approaches to innovation, with a focus on getting execution right.

Is “innovation” just a buzz word? Forward-thinking Energy companies question whether their existing value propositions alone are sufficient to respond to an increasingly competitive marketplace. They also use an objective lens to ask whether they are truly understanding and meeting their customers’ evolving needs.

Join us in Houston to hear this and other educational presentations as part of our Executive Workshop program.

We look forward to seeing you in Houston at the competitive energy industry’s largest and most important event. 


Larry Leikin, Jack Doueck & Sue Wright

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