Winning Micro-Moments: The Future of Customer Engagement

By Brie Tascione

As energy providers look to innovate, more and more are starting with customer experience. Brands like Amazon, Zappos and Netflix have completely transformed how customers expect to interact with businesses, regardless of industry. Banking, cable, energy — all are realizing that keeping CX on the backburner is no longer an option.

Yet mobile’s rise has created a world where critical opportunities to surprise and delight customers are coming faster and faster. These micro-moments — think explaining a first bill, managing a service outage, renewing a plan — can no longer be solved with apps and portals built for all circumstances. There’s too much information to sort through and too little context. “Come-and-get-it” digital solutions like these make engagement too hard for customers who crave personal, mobile and, above all, easy interactions. And there’s a lot on the line – when customers feel their needs aren’t met, they’ll respond by picking up the phone or, worse, switching providers altogether.

Proactive CX, on the other hand, gives businesses the opportunity to boost retention and NPS by delivering simplified, tailored solutions right when customers need them. By mapping out customer journeys and pinpointing the micro-moments that can be made better, proactive CX presents answers before customers even think to ask.

Getting there, however, has been easier said than done for businesses. According to Futurion, large CX projects take 21.5 months to complete on average, which is a non-starter in this fast paced world where customer preferences change almost daily. That’s exactly what mobile engagement automation solutions providers –including my team at Relay Network – have set out to solve. By giving businesses the tools to quickly and easily digitize journeys, orchestrate one-to-one interactions at scale, and automate engagement they can get proactive mobile CX to market in a matter of days, not months.

The upside of doing so is significant. Take the Texas retail electricity provider that needed a better way to onboard new customers, drive digital adoption, deliver account-based information and facilitate critical renewals. There are third party firms that have delivered a new mobile engagement automation solution within 30 days and with minimal IT involvement. Now, the energy company can build and deploy new mobile web experiences in minutes with simple drag-and-drop tools.

Renewals are up 16 percent — even for their hardest-to-reach customers — thanks to personalized, timely communications that bring solutions to the customer. The provider even used third parties to mount an immediate crisis response to Hurricane Harvey, reaching 40,0000 customers affected by the disaster with information on how to reinstate service and assurance that they would not be charged for late payments.

Mobile engagement automation providers allow you to respond to micro-moments at scale by streamlining customer outreach and enabling quick, consistent communication. That’s how proactive CX helps you deliver on KPIs. These firms help identify causes of customer frustration and churn, then help your teams solve them before they happen with predictive, personalized mobile experiences.

The critical first step is finding the right mobile engagement partner for your business. Later this month, I’ll be hosting a webinar on “10 Criteria for Selecting a Mobile Engagement Partner.” This interactive, free session is perfect for energy executives across CX, digital, marketing and operations who want to accelerate customer engagement and improve their digital ROI. I’ll cover how the solutions landscape is changing, and what key criteria energy executives can use to evaluate options with confidence and increase chances of success.


Brie Tascione is the CMO of Relay Network.