Why is the EMC Giving Away a New Award? Introducing a New Methodology and a New Award

By Jack Doueck

For the past 5 years, Energy Marketing Conferences has featured the retail energy awards.  At the Houston conferences in the spring, we present “The Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award” as well as “The Most Innovative Marketer”.  In the fall, at the New York City conferences we present the “Leadership and Integrity Award”.

We have decided to change the methodology of how we choose the nominees and the winners, and we are adding a new award for the first time.

We are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Energy Research Consulting Group (“ERCG”).  ERCG will send out an industry-wide survey to all competitive energy market participants.  The results will be used to nominate the potential awardees in a more democratic way than ever before.  Essentially, the industry will be choosing the winners instead of the board of EMC.

We have also decided to add a third award for Houston: “Vendor of the Year” and it will be determined using the same ERCG survey.

For the first time in the history of the industry, vendors will be recognized and honored.

The three awards that will be presented at the upcoming Energy Marketing Conference on April 2nd in Houston will be:

  • “The 2018 REP of the Year Award”
  • “The 2018 Most Innovative Marketer Award”
  • “The 2018 Vendor of the Year Award”.

The nominees of the awards will be announced after ERCG conducts an industry-wide survey and calculates the results. Please help us out by responding to the survey that you receive.

The winners of the awards will be announced at the EMC luncheon. 

Previous winners of the REP of the Year Award include Crius Energy (2013), GDF Energy Resources (2014), Spark Energy (2015), XOOM Energy (2016), and Discount Power Texas (2018).

Previous winners of the Most Innovative Marketer Award were NRG (2013), Direct Energy (2014), Major Energy (2015), Stream Energy (2016) and Inspire Energy (2017).

Founded in 2013, ERCG is a leading consulting firm in the ABC industry. ERCG has extensive experience in retail energy – from business planning to competitive intelligence, and retail policy analytics. ERCG has the deepest network and relationships with the broker community and their supplier partners, and its research is viewed as the most authoritative in the field.

The Energy Marketing Conference is the largest gathering of retail energy professionals in North America and it expects to host 700 attendees. The theme of this year’s conference is “Transactions vs. Relationships”. 

There will be 50 exhibitor booths, 6 interactive panels, 9 executive workshops, 50 speakers, a networking breakfast, a luncheon and a vibrant networking reception with live music. 

The program takes place at the Houston Hyatt Regency Hotel and we are expecting to be sold out soon, so please book your tickets and reservations soon!

The packed agenda begins at 8:00am sharp and isn’t over until 7:00pm.

The conference is the biggest networking opportunity of the year. Be sure to sign up before it is sold out!


Jack Doueck is co-founder of Energy Marketing Conferences, LED Plus and Advanced Energy Capital.