By Jack Doueck

Energy Marketing Conferences changed our logo that we have had and advertised for the past 6 and a half years. Why did we do that?

Here is the reason: We have run more than 100 panels and executive workshops over the past 5 years in the 10 Energy Marketing Conferences and we noticed that there were too few women C-level executives and speakers.

Not unlike the finance industry, the retail energy industry is mostly male-dominated. However, just like Congress in 2016, the retail energy industry can and will be changing!

EMC has always tried to promote equality in the retail energy space, and we did have a woman keynote speaker (Deb Merrill from Just Energy), and a special keynote (the head of the NY PSC).

We looked at our logo and noticed that it is 8 men with ties sitting around a conference table. We truly never noticed it before!

Now we are announcing that we will be taking our ties off!
The people sitting around the conference table aren’t necessary men. They are people.

Also, we have invited three retail energy executives (who happen to be women) to join our EMC Board of Advisors. Ms. Roberta Konicki of Macquarie has already accepted the position and we invited other high powered professionals to join us.

Finally, we are now even more focused on inviting many more women to speak on panels and run executive workshops. To be sure, at the next Energy Marketing Conference we have many women lined up to speak on panels. They include Shaleen Gupta of Sperian Energy, Lindsey Margiotta of Spark Energy, Cami Boehme of Viv, Christina Shackelton of Hansen CX, and many more.

Please join us at our 11th Energy Marketing Conference in Houston on April 2nd 2019 taking place at the Hyatt Regency Downtown. Registration begins at 7:00am, Breakfast starts at 8:00am and the program runs the whole day until 7:00pm.

We will feature 6 interactive panels (including a Panel entitled “Riding the Green Wave” and one entitled “Blockchain and Other Emerging Technologies in Retail Energy”), 8 executive workshops, fantastic keynote speakers and the best networking opportunity of the year!

We anticipate that this conference will be another sell-out so book your tickets, flights and hotel reservations early and don’t get closed out!

CLICK HERE to register for the conference.

Jack Doueck is co-founder of the Energy Marketing Conferences, Advanced Energy Capital, and LED PLUS – the leading customer retention program for retail energy.