Voltus announces 125 MW ‘virtual power plant’ in New Orleans

Voltus touts 125 MW of demand response in New Orleans as ‘virtual power plant’. Demand-response provider Voltus Inc. announced it is ready to meet peak demand needs in  New Orleans with the first of 125 megawatts of demand response it is touting as a “virtual power plant.” The company has lined up commercial and industrial customers in New Orleans to reduce their electricity usage when demand is high. Participants include manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, data centers, hotels, and colleges and universities. “The City of New Orleans needs a 125 MW peaking power plant, so we’re building one immediately, with plans to have the full capability of the plant online in 2019,” said Voltus CEO Gregg Dixon in a press release. “Building a traditional power plant in or near New Orleans is not only expensive but entirely unnecessary considering the proven benefits of demand response that are unlocked with a virtual power plant,” said Jon Wellinghoff, former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chairman and a long-time proponent of demand response. Voltus says its virtual power plant will pay participants to reduce their electricity demand to free up power and preserve grid resilience while assuring demand is met at least cost to ratepayers.

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