Utilities rapidly losing brand preference among electricity customers, survey finds

Survey finds electricity customers losing brand preference for utilities. Electricity consumers naturally look to utility providers for services such as electric vehicle charging and rooftop solar. But a new survey finds customers are rapidly shifting their brand preference from utilities in favor of third-party suppliers. Over the past year, customer preference for the utility as a solar power provider among interested customers fell from 68 percent to 47 percent, concluded the survey by Market Strategies-Morpace. The survey also identified a doubling in consumer interest in EV charging and rooftop solar services. “Utilities are on the verge of one of the greatest marketing and revenue opportunities they have ever had,” said Market Strategies International-Morpace’s Chris Oberle. “If they want to capture significant EV charging and solar power market share, utilities need to quickly build and defend their brands as trusted providers of new energy technologies.” The survey sampled more than 52,000 residential electric, natural gas and combination utility customers at the 130 largest U.S. utility companies based on residential customer counts.

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