Top Mistakes That You Need to Avoid 
in Content Marketing Strategy for Energy Industry

By Nicole D. Garrison

When it comes to online visibility, lead generation and networking, the energy industry is not unlike other fields out there. Adopting an adequate approach to attract and retain your target audience will ensure that your content performs well and serves its purpose to your business’ benefit.

According to Small Biz Genius, however, 70% of brands lack a focused, outlined content marketing strategy, while 70% of consumers want to learn more about a brand through online content rather than traditional marketing materials respectively. With that said, let’s take a look at several of the biggest mistakes you should aim to avoid in creating your content marketing strategy as an energy-based business, as well as why you should care about the prospect for the benefit of your brand.

The Advantages of Content Marketing in the Energy Industry

Let’s briefly discuss the upside of investing time and resources into content marketing in the energy industry before moving on to mistakes worth keeping in mind. Jason Brook, Head of Content Marketing at Grab My Essay put it this way: “No matter the industry you operate in, the content you publish online will be the main differentiating factor which separates you from the competition. It’s pivotal then that you approach content marketing with creativity and originality in mind rather than to chase trends and tick boxes off the online marketing agenda.”

Whether you predominantly work with B2C or B2B clients, they will likely search for your brand online and seek to familiarize themselves with your ideas, train of thoughts and brand values. Thus, proper a content marketing strategy can do several beneficial things for your business as a whole, including but not limited to:

  • Increased industry visibility and brand awareness
  • Higher client trust and business reputation
  • Higher search engine ranking and subsequent traffic
  • Decreased long-term marketing and lead generation costs

Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes to Avoid

  • No Plan or Goal

The main purpose of content marketing is to position your brand as a reliable and competitive brand in the energy industry market. As such, your content marketing strategy should contain tangible goals for your marketers to attain. Using methodologies such as SMART, coupled with a scheduled content publishing rhythm will allow you to create a sense of authority and reliability with stakeholders on a global level.

  • Lack of Content Branding

Every piece of content you publish under your brand name should be distinctly recognizable at first glance – this is what makes branding an important part of content marketing as a whole. Whether it’s through visual elements, unique taglines and keywords, or through quotes and testimonials embedded into the content, make sure that you create a branding style and stick with it. Writing platforms such as Trust My Paper and Evernote can be helpful in editing and formatting your content pre-publishing in order for it to appear recognizable and relatable to your brand.

  • Single-Channel Content Marketing

Once you develop content pieces and publish them on your website’s blog section, why stop there? Omnichannel marketing is an amazing strategy for increasing your online visibility and industry authority at no additional cost. Channels such as social media platforms, email lists as well as multimedia channels such as YouTube can also be used to increase your exposure and attract relevant leads, making the most out of your content at all times.

  • Poor SEO

Simply publishing your content online and calling it a day won’t do much for your exposure in the light of an increasingly competitive market. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its implementation via tools such as Google AdWords and SEM Rush will allow you to increase your search engine ranking and remain visible online for the foreseeable future. Make sure to always rely on trending keywords, content optimization patterns and to cover new energy industry developments and search engines such as Google and Yahoo will do the rest for you.

  • Lack of Audience Engagement

Lastly, placing a community manager in charge of audience engagement on your published content will do wonders for your lead generation and brand reputation. Don’t neglect discussion, feedback and questions which will undoubtedly pop up in your content’s comment sections from time to time. Engage with your audience and allow them to communicate their thoughts, ideas and suggestions in regards to your brand which will open new networking and referral doors as a direct result.

An Ongoing Effort (Conclusion)

Implementing and maintaining a steady content marketing strategy for your energy industry business is not a one-and-done affair. You will have to use the same content creation and optimization process for each subsequent piece if you want to maintain your SEO ranking, industry authority and lead generation numbers going forward. However, once you create a system that suits your marketers and audiences alike, avoiding these mistakes and learning from past missteps will allow you to build the foundations of a successful content marketing strategy quickly and easily.

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Nicole D. Garrison is a content strategist, writer, and contributor at Studicus and runs her own blog LiveInspiredMagazine.