Top 5 Energy Business Marketing Tools In 2020 

By Michael Gorman


With energy business marketing it’s important to recognize which tools provide the necessary features to reach the proper audience and deliver marketing content most efficiently. There are a lot of tools that only seemingly provide a wide range of possibilities, but you end up with an expensive set of bells and whistles.

We did a comprehensive analysis of marketing tools that the current market has to offer and came up with a list of five software solutions that contribute the most to energy business campaign development and execution.

Acquisio Turing

This is a full PPC marketing tool that allows you to create a campaign from start to bottom. AI-driven algorithms create an optimal target audience and delivery profiles to maximize the conversion rate, thus cutting down the budget costs. You do have to pay attention to the quality of your content, a talented assignment writer could proofread your text to make sure your grammar and spelling are perfect. It’s also important to know that this tool gives you complete control of your bid and budget management which you can coordinate with the AI-provided data.


To deal with the stiff competition, you need to understand which type of content brings the most benefit in your niche. The energy business is blossoming nowadays, with innovations and technology improvements bursting across the market. This piece of software uses deep learning AI technology combined with natural language processing to scan the internet for existing content and suggest which type of marketing approach works the best.

Once you have the full concept, based on actual data, you can hire a research paper writing service to create an eloquently written copy or find a freelance designer to create engaging graphics. These are cost-effective solutions to create content that converts.


According to most recent data, Facebook is the third most visited website on the internet, which makes content posted on this platform more worthy than featured text on any other commercial page. The most popular website top list features numerous other social media platforms, which is what makes Cortex the tool you just need to use. It uses Artificial Intelligence to scan a huge database of branded marketing content and comes up with data that gives you enough data to form a fully optimized content calendar.

All you have to do is to choose the pace of content placement and the platforms you wish to serve and create appropriate, engaging content for your fans.


A simple enough bot builder that you should use to distinguish those website visitors that are ready to make a purchase. This tool allows you to create chatbots that communicate with your visitors and analyze those discussions to create a list of people most open to doing business with you.


A marketing tool that keeps track of all data outside your business and compiles in a way that allows you to understand what your competitors are currently up to. Crayon makes it easy to create competitive content, plan future activities like sales and discounts. All you have to do is provide topnotch content. Make sure your language and narrative are engaging, find a good dissertation help agency to proofread your content, and make it suitable for placement.


These five pieces of software should make your marketing efforts cheap and effective. AI technology provides the basis of these tools to provide you with the most recent data. Keep your marketing efforts in pace with current trends and keep an eye on your competitors all the time.


Author bio: 

Michael Gorman is a freelance writer and proofreader from the UK.  He is also an editor at several top essay writing service agencies.