Top 4 Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Renewable Energy Business

By Kristin Savage

Renewable energy. Going energy-green. These are two buzz terms that appeal to a host of consumers for two reasons – saving the planet and saving money in the long-term. And if you have a renewable energy business, you can be a “hot” magnet for large segments of the population.

The key to getting customers, as is with any business, will be to market yourself successfully, and much of the marketing will occur in the digital space, because that’s where consumers search for products and services today.

So, let’s take a look at strategies that will attract visitors and turn them into customers.

  1. Identify and Find Your Target Audience

This is not a unique strategy, but it is critical for you, because you must “nail” your potential customer. Who wants and needs your product? In a world of green energy, you are looking at younger Gen X’ers, millennials, and older Gen Z’ers. This is a huge segment of the buying public.

But you must narrow this further. You have to target within this population based upon the product you offer. For example, you are not going to market solar roof panels to kids still in college, to apartment dwellers, and to those who are in lower income brackets and unable to afford the initial cost. On the other hand, if you are offering solar-based energy in smaller chunks (solar powered devices and appliances, for example), you may have a larger audience.

Use data gathering (lots of tools and services out there) to refine your buying audience, to analyze their buying behaviors, and to identify where they hang out online.

  1. Establish Your Value Proposition

You cannot market anything unless you are able to prove the value of your product. If you want to market a wind-powered generator, for example, what can it power and how much will the consumer save? Today’s consumer is not interested in any “hard well.” He wants to know what’s in it for him and how you can solve a problem he has. Speak to benefits and advantages of your product for his needs and how you are better than your competition. Perhaps you offer a longer guarantee; perhaps you offer 24-hour trouble-shooting.

  1. Choose the Right Online Content Venues

You have lots of options for publishing your content.

  • Social Media: Billions of people are on social media daily. And you already know where your audience hangs out. Focus on the most popular two and post your content often. Establish a following and provide discounts or other incentives for them to share that content; provide social proof by providing photos and videos of happy customers – they are great brand ambassadors. Every post should provide value (and a link to your website).
  • Blogging: Blog posts need to educate; they also need to entertain and inspire. What topics in renewable energy is your audience interested in? You can identify such topics through a number of tools and discover the most trending topics in your niche. Invite questions, discussions, and become an active participant too. And be certain to conduct a search for the most trending search keywords/phrases for your product or service. Build you blog titles around them, and be certain to include them in your content. If you need professional assistance, get it – it’s important.
  1. Publish Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Your customers are critical to your business, and when they are happy, you can leverage that satisfaction for marketing purposes. Ask customers for reviews and testimonials. Provide incentives for them to do so. Give them links to critical review sites for them to publish their comments; ask them for videos that you can publish on your website and your social media channels. Ask them to recommend your products to their friends.

In the End…

You have a product to sell. You believe in it. And you want potential customers to believe in it too, and, of course, make a purchase. Using these tactics will get the word out there, so that they know you exist and are willing to take a look at what you offer.


Kristin Savage is a freelance writer at BestEssayEducation, WowGrade and SupremeDissertations.