Three Powerful Examples of Energy Marketing

by: Marie Barnes

The global energy sector today is right in the middle of a great transformation process. The smart technology, the overall infiltration of ecology preservation ideas, and the implementation of new power-saving protocols affect the market everywhere. Including the marketing approach.

It means that marketers can’t just follow the old ways. Everything changes, so does the advertisement. New profits should come into force, while the things and the concepts previously considered reliable can push customers away.

A modern-day client of an energy company wants to dive into plenty of complex things: how this specific energy company will improve the life and what this company can offer to enhance the overall satisfaction with the services. And we haven’t yet mentioned people’s desire to consume green energy. To succeed today, marketing departments have to develop a brand new approach.

Anyway, keeping in mind that energy marketing can be a tricky task, we’ve decided to gather several really interesting ideas developed in the last few years. The campaigns have been created by the people who really worked hard to provide customers with an absolutely fresh experience. Here we go – 3 good examples of excellent energy marketing.

Lower My Bill Toolkit

Lower My Bill Toolkit, developed by US energy company Duke Energy, is a free online service that provides customers with a tool that can help to save energy at home or in the office. People can set their location, choose whether they want some tips for an apartment, a house, or an office and obtain lots of good ideas on energy saving, thus resulting in bill reduction. There are six categories included:

– Energy-saving resources;

– Manage my bill;

– Get incentives to help me save;

– Understand my energy usage;

– Income-qualified services;

– Bill assistance.

Every category includes lots of easy-to-use tools. It helps people to develop their personal energy-saving strategies. People are encouraged to shorten their power consumption, simultaneously cutting off their expenses. Both good to the environment and to the purse, no wonder Duke Energy has experienced a vast growth of the client base.

Utility Website

One great way to influence people via marketing is a corporate website. It was something Alabama Power marketers thought of. What is it good for? Well, it includes five functions that are commonly used by people in general. And they are very handy to use on this particular website. Alabama Power provided its customers with the ability to pay bills online, calculate the energy efficiency for your house or turn on and off any services provided.

It means that people will more than often visit their website to use its functions and even to promote it via backlinks, blog posts, and social media posts. They can also send the link to it through any messenger! What is more – it is, in fact, the product that sells itself without any marketing activity. People click the link and see all the profits for themselves! No matter what you will write in your selling letter, a website will always be better!

Holiday Lighting Cost Calculator

When talking about energy saving and the overall impact on the environment, it is long and dull lectures that annoy people the most. We Energies decided to attract new customers by talking to them about their money. For this reason, they’ve developed an online holiday lighting cost calculator. The idea behind the tool was to provide people with the exact sum they would spend turning on decorative holiday lights.

It is an excellent example of assisting people in making the most informed decisions possible. No propaganda, no lectures or images of melting arctic glaciers – just a pure calculation. We Energies has helped to save money while contributing to the improvement of ecology and demonstrating customer care. A great example, indeed.


All the mentioned examples share one common feature – they do not try to teach people. They just provide an additional and free customer service. And, what is more important, they help people to save money. That’s what a great marketer should do when trying to win customers’ hearts.

Know any other interesting examples of great energy marketing? Feel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the most convenient way. Good luck!


Marie Barnes is a Marketing Communication Manager at LinksManagement and a writer for Bestforacar. Marie is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging.