Tesla, early supporter of electricity choice in Nevada, shifts to neutral on Question 3

Tesla no longer a ‘yes’ on Question 3, the Nevada energy choice ballot measure. Tesla was an early booster of Question 3, the Nevada ballot measure calling for the state to allow consumers to shop for electricity from competing suppliers, but not anymore, the Nevada Independent confirms. “While we believe in open and competitive markets, Question 3 presents a number of uncertain impacts to our energy customers and the renewable energy industry in Nevada,” a Tesla official said in an email to the publication. “As a result, we have decided not to take a position on Question 3.” The setback for proponents of the ballot questions comes as polls show it has only minority support just a month shy of election day, a change from two years ago when the measure passed with more than 70 percent of voter support. To effectively change the state constitution to allow electricity competition, the state’s voters must approve it twice. NV Energy, the state’s dominant utility, sat on the sidelines two years ago, but has committed millions to defeating the measure this year.

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