Saving Businesses Money through Effective Group Purchasing Solutions

By David Rosenblatt | Energy Marketing Conferences

Collective or group buying is a concept that has recently gained a lot of popularity among both individuals and businesses — and for good reason. Most individuals and small or medium companies can’t purchase products and services at the volume necessary to start seeing significant cost savings. Businesses use many different products and services in their operations, spanning from IT, office supplies to shipping and small parcel distribution, commonly described as “indirect spend”. Because their volume for these products and services are less than that of a larger organization, they often end up paying more than a much bigger company would simply because a larger organization typically purchases at a higher volume and can negotiate better rates.

However, business today has changed. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can and are competing on an equal playing field when it comes to indirect spend options. They too can experience real cost savings on their purchases by participating in a group buying program thereby increasing their buying power

These “buying groups” have saved individuals and small businesses thousands of dollars on the products and services they rely upon every day. A quarterly report released by Business Matchmaking, a community of businesses currently leveraging collective buying, showed their businesses saved over $300,000 in just one quarter on shipping expenses alone and realized up to 80% savings on office-related supplies and services.

Partnering with a group with a huge combined buying power, translates into strategic importance with supplier partners. Now small business enjoy the added benefit of being a “customers of choice” — with all the privileges that implies. Additionally, all vendor agreements are pre-negotiated, enabling businesses to bypass the need for proposal and sourcing processes. By reducing administrative costs and improving workplace efficiency, businesses gain the advantage of long-term discounts without the hassle. These long-term solutions mean business owners can focus on initiatives that are truly strategic to their business and leave the rest to the buying group.

The EMC Community is essentially comprised of four groups of businesses: Retail Energy Providers, Energy Brokers, Alternative Energy Providers and Vendors who supply goods and services to all of the above. Our membership is now more than 13,000 strong. Our EMC monthly newsletter is electronically distributed to all our participants. Now, the EMC Community is tapping into the power of our group and providing you access to pre-negotiated discounts on products and services for nearly every business and personal need.

The home page of the Energy Marketing Conferences website has a link to the EMC Community Benefits which, in turn, has a link to the deals. Some of the deals our members have been taking advantage of include Office Depot/OfficeMax, discounts on health and casualty insurance, hotels, VOIP, rental cars, entertainment, payroll services, and much more. Find out more about the discounts and savings now available to you.

EMC will continuously adding more benefits (and deeper discounts) for our members, so if you would like to add any of your friends and colleagues to our list, please contact me at

Finally, over the next few months EMC will be rolling out a “white label” program for our larger clients. You can now use our system internally for all your employees to gain access to the benefits – in your own company name. To find out how to implement this program for your team, please do not hesitate to contact me.


David Rosenblatt is the new Director of Business Development at Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC