Rocky Mountain Institute examines utility role in a future clean energy, consumer-centric system

Clean energy think tank looks at consumer-centric reform of electricity sector. The Rocky Mountain Institute has released a report examining “efficient and equitable approaches to update the utility business model.” Seeking to promote a “transition to a more secure, clean and affordable customer-centric system,” the report looks at five different case studies illustrating various business model reforms in action. “The grid is experiencing rapid changes in its shift to a 21st-century system, and electric utilities have a fundamental role to play in ensuring this transition strengthens resilience, improves environmental performance and protects the interests of customers while maintaining essential features of affordability and reliability,” said RMI’s Dan Cross-Call, an author of the report. “This report offers a practical guide to industry leaders—regulators, utilities, grid operators, policymakers and policy influencers—on how to best engage with an increasingly decarbonized and distributed energy system, shepherding and managing this transition to maintain the fundamental role of utilities and achieve new policy objectives.”

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