NV Energy’s huge bet pays off as Nevada voters reject energy choice ballot measure

Nevada voters roundly reject energy choice ballot question. Some 60 percent of Nevada voters yesterday opposed Question 3, the ballot measure that would have ended monopoly utility regulation in the state and allowed electricity consumers to choose among competing suppliers. The outcome appears to be a victory for money in politics, as the NV Energy-led opposition group spent more than $60 million to defeat Question 3, which had passed with the support of more than 70 percent of voters in the 2016 election when NV Energy stayed neutral on the matter. The measure needed to be approved by voters twice in order to effectively alter the state’s constitution and allow electricity choice. Question 3 was among a number of ballot initiatives that oil and electric industry interests spent generously to successfully defeat in yesterday’s elections in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Washington State. “The industry wins are stark examples of how money-fueled negative messaging can persuade voters,” Ben Geman writes in the Axios Generate daily newsletter.

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