Nevada consumers deserve electricity choice, suppliers tell state lawmakers

Retail suppliers demand Nevada lawmakers pick up where ballot measure left off. After Nevada voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure that would have opened the monopoly utility state to retail electricity competition, the Retail Energy Supply Association called for Nevada lawmakers to “act swiftly” on legislation giving the state’s electricity consumers the right to choose among competing suppliers. “History and 13 other U.S. states show us that competition creates better prices, allows for innovation and even creates jobs. But ultimately, it’s about the right to choose,” said RESA President Darren Pfannenstiel. The retail supplier trade group also called for Nevada authorities to investigate “the exorbitant amount of campaign dollars spent by the No on 3 Campaign.” In a state with fewer than 3 million in population, the NV Energy-financed campaign spent more than $60 million to help preserve the Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary’s monopoly and “its hold on Nevada ratepayers,” RESA noted.

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