Legal marijuana cultivation seen as growing business opportunity in electricity sector

Scale Microgrid Solutions targets legal cannabis producers as growing market. Electricity is a major cost driver in marijuana cultivation, an increasingly legal crop in many states. Scale Microgrid Solutions is targeting the market for growth and sales. Cannabis growers are increasingly looking to custom-built microgrids utilizing solar energy, co-generation and battery storage to better manage their energy costs, Scale Microgrid Solution’s Duncan Campbell told According to the 2018 Cannabis Energy Report, which the company published along with New Frontier Data and the Resource Innovation Institute, legal marijuana cultivation consumes 1.1 terawatt-hours of electricity annually, an amount equal to the load of a mid-sized city. Duncan compared the consumption of cannabis growing facilities to those of data centers, another large sink for electricity demand. The combined legal and illegal cultivation of cannabis is estimated to consume 4.1 terawatt-hours of electricity, an amount equivalent to the entire output of the Hoover Dam. Electricity consumption in the legal cannabis cultivation business is expected to grow by 162 percent by 2022. Duncan said Scale Microgrid Solutions will announce its first cannabis microgrid project later this month.

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