How to be an Innovative Marketer in the Energy Marketer Industry

“At Stream, we strive to make life as effortless as possible and are always brainstorming new ways to further connect customers’ lives. This award shows the focus, care, and creativity our team puts into our work.” – Stream Energy

In the past, consumers picked an energy provider, paid their bills, and didn’t think twice about energy efficiency. However, times have changed, and consumers are now wondering what makes a provider different from its competitors and how that difference will affect the consumer. The shift in how consumers view their energy providers started with the beginning of the digital age. And, although it may seem difficult to differentiate yourself from your competitors through marketing efforts, it’s not impossible.

When it comes to innovative marketing for an energy service provider, you always have to focus on the customer and what they want, even before they realize it. In its most basic form, innovative marketing is the process of making a customer’s journey through your funnel frictionless.

Once a recipient of the “Most Innovative Marketer of the Year” award, Stream knows what it takes to place itself at the front of consumers’ minds. Here are a few tips from Stream to help you become a better marketer to consumers.


Stream launched its new Budget Power Plan earlier this year, which personalizes energy plans based on needs. Customers can pay a fixed amount each month depending on how much energy they think they’ll use. Now, customers won’t have to worry about fluctuating energy costs during the hot summer and frigid winter months.

To be an innovative marketer, you don’t just have to come up with new products. Consumers will notice any effort you put into their individual needs. If you’re struggling to find the data you need for personalization, then look at customer support transcripts, online chat logs, and even try interviewing a few customers.

One of the ways you can make customers feel heard is through email marketing. There’s more to personalization through emails than just adding their first name throughout the email. You also have to segment. Segmentation is the act of sending relevant, targeted emails to a specific group of people. In your case, you might have different segmentations for each zip code or state, depending on how large of an area you serve. The more targeted you are, the more ROI you’ll see. Once you’ve segmented your customers, you can send them tips and tricks on things they care about, like energy efficiency in the winter.

Combine Products to Better Serve Customers

As previously mentioned, you don’t always have to create new products and services to be innovative in this industry. Instead, pair a product you currently have with a product that corresponds with what customers want. Stream’s Smart 30 Thermostat Plan is paired with a free smart thermostat that customers can use seamlessly with their mobile devices. The company combined a 30-month fixed rate plan to help customers save money with a smart thermostat that helps them save energy.
If you’re not sure what you can offer, think objectively about what you can do to help your customers save money, time, or energy during your next marketing campaign. Even if you focus on something you already offer, it will feel new and exciting to consumers.
Being an innovative marketer requires strategy, persistence, and insight in an ever-changing industry. It’s more than just becoming better than your competitors. To stand out as an energy provider, you have to be willing to become better for your customers at every turn.