How much is your billing system really costing you?

By Robert Holdsworth

To call the retail energy industry – competitive – is to understate it by a factor of at least 10.   The NFL, NBA and NHL are competitive the REP business is competition on steroids.   We’d probably get 10-game suspension if there were league rules.    The acquisition of customers is fierce and expensive so how do you make sure you’re maximizing your bottom line while growing at the top.

The heart beat and guts of an energy marketing company is its billing and back office system.   After spending hundreds of dollars per RCE to bring in customers and watching them fall off the back end, are you making as much money as you can while effectively serving and building lifetime customer value?   The best way for you and your customers to benefit from your relationship is to make sure the customer is getting real value form your service and you’re correctly billing, reconciling and managing your business.

Which of these pain points sounds most familiar to you and your operations?

These problems cost you in many ways – lost revenue, unreconciled accounting, over/under charging customers, misreporting numbers and customer count, and over payment commissions and other significant costs.    This also greatly effects employee morale and confidence.    How much does management really care if they let these other problems go? Throwing more people and resources to find and fix problems waste more money and erodes the success and potential of your business.

Your customers, employees, investors and owners deserve an efficient, configurable back office and billing system.    Building value in the business involves more than just customer count and creating relationships that encourage customers to stay with your service and provide visibility and performance for your employees and owners increase the top line and bottom line. Your system must support your growth and vision not dictate it.  Don’t let the fear of change cost you and your partners millions!

Choosing the right vendor and system can deliver multiple immediate and long-term benefits.

Enhanced reporting  Greater visibility
Extensive process automation Reduce manual errors and risks
Accurate billing Creative product offerings
Provide value-added services Complex commercial products
Shadow billing Easy third-party integration
Timely reconciliation (Just to name a few)

Think of the advantages you’d have if you could significantly lower operating costs, improve operational performance and significantly add to the value of your company.   This would be a big win for your customers, employees, investors and owners

Cheaper is not better and usually cost you more.


Robert Holdsworth is VP of Opsolve