Former DOE official urges electricity competition to foster renewables in Colorado

Renewable energy expert urges retail electricity competition in Colorado. City officials in Boulder, Colo., who have been battling for years to establish a municipally owned utility in order to pursue clean-energy goals, would be better served if Colorado’s incoming governor and state lawmakers would agree to end monopoly regulation of utilities and allow retail electricity choice, a wind energy expert writes in the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper. “If Colorado deregulates, there will be absolutely no need for Boulder to form a muni in order for city residents to meet their own renewable energy goals,” writes Steven Haymes, formerly with the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He cited the experience of Texas, which opened up its retail electricity market to competition and built a new network of transmission lines to support wind energy development, as the model for Colorado to follow. “We now have the opportunity for Colorado to achieve 100 percent renewables with electric utility deregulation and transmission line upgrades,” Haymes concludes.

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