Enphase Energy ships 27 MWh of energy storage systems worldwide

Enphase Energy touts sales volumes for its energy storage systems. Enphase Energy Inc. has shipped more than 27 MWh of energy storage systems since the introduction of the Enphase AC Battery™. The fully integrated Enphase system includes a battery cell pack, battery management system, charge controller, inverter, and control software. “The Enphase Energy Storage System™ provides a modular and scalable approach to storing solar energy for night-time or future use, giving homeowners greater energy independence,” the company says. “Homeowners can use the Enphase AC Battery to maximize the value of their solar photovoltaic systems and take advantage of the built-in self-consumption and time-of-use tariff management capabilities. The flexible nature of the AC architecture and software platform makes Enphase AC Batteries adaptable to regulation and tariff changes which have yet to be implemented by utilities.”

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