Duke’s S.C. monopoly responds to customer demand for renewable energy options; Illinois municipality urges residents to opt out of aggregation program for utility default service

Customer demand prods Duke’s S.C. monopoly to offer renewable energy options. Duke Energy is asking South Carolina regulators to authorize a program offering renewable energy options for its commercial and industrial customers in the state. “We’ve received significant interest from our large commercial and industrial customers in offering programs that help them meet their sustainability goals,” a Duke Energy official said in a press release announcing the proposed program. “The Green Source Advantage program will leverage renewable energy options to do just that.” The program would allow the utility’s larger end users to receive “bill credits” for off-site solar-generated electricity, and would allow participating customers to retain renewable energy certificates from production at their facilities.

Illinois village urges residents to opt out of community aggregation program. Officials in North Aurora, Ill., are urging residents to opt out of the village’s community aggregation program to take advantage of less expensive electricity available from their default utility supplier, Commonwealth Edison. After only recently negotiating an aggregation deal with Dynegy that provided a marginally favorable alternative to ComEd, a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruling reduced the utility’s transmission costs, resulting in more favorable rates than those offered by the aggregation provider. So community officials posted a notice urging residents to opt out of the village’s aggregation program for cheaper electricity from ComEd. “It’s unusual in the sense that there was an unusual circumstance,” Village Administrator Steve Bosco said, citing the FERC decision making ComEd’s prices more favorable. “Residents are encouraged to return to the lower ComEd rate of 7.29¢, with no early termination fee,” the village said on its website.

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