Customer Engagement 101 – A Key Resource for Energy Executives

By Dan Seaman 

As we kick off the New Year, one theme is emerging in every professional publication, conference, and webinar about keys to success in 2019.  It’s got many different names…customer engagement, customer journey, customer experience… but the meaning and importance are the same: how companies are (1) engaging their customers, (2) creating relationship with their customers, and (3) speaking to their customers matters more now than ever before. 

Last fall’s Energy Marketing Conference featured a keynote panel on the topic of customer engagement in retail energy.  Powered by seasoned retail energy executives and engagement-centric service providers, the panel had four goals:

  • Goal #1: Give a clear definition of the often nebulous concept of customer engagement – specifically in the energy marketplace.
  • Goal #2: Give practical examples of successful engagement strategies and best practices – specifically in the energy marketplace.
  • Goal #3: Give practical examples of accurate engagement measurement – specifically in the energy marketplace.
  • Goal #4: Give practical examples of engagement results and ROI – specifically in the energy marketplace.

The panel tackled key questions like:

  • How do we define customer engagement in the retail energy industry?
  • Who are the companies that are setting the standard for engagement?
  • What are those standard-setting companies doing best?
  • How do energy customers expect to be engaged?
  • What does a well-engaged energy customer look like?
  • What’s the minimum engagement standard every energy company should meet?
  • What’s the engagement gold standard?  And how much does that cost?
  • What are the bottom line results of good engagement?  And how do we measure?
  • Where does a customer engagement strategy begin?

The result was an hour-long dialogue full of valuable and practical customer engagement tips, statistics, examples, strategies, and best practices tailored specifically to the retail energy market.

Retail energy companies that are engaging well are seeing better leads, better sales conversions, better churn performance, better referral rates, better review/ratings, better retention, better persistency, better renewals, better ROI. 

Whether you (1) have an existing customer engagement program and want to do better, (2) don’t have a customer engagement program and need to catch up, or (3) just want to better understand this important topic, you’ll find the content from the EMC Customer Engagement panel to be a valuable resource.  And it’s a resource that’s available to you and your colleagues on-demand: Click to View a Video of the Full Customer Engagement Panel Discussion


The Customer Engagement panel was sponsored by DCM.  Participants were Zac Lowder of Inspire Energy, John Geary of 4Change Energy, Chris Phillips of Innowatts, Jennifer Moore of Znalytics, Craig Wilson of Constellation Energy, Nina Carduner of TangoCard, Dan Seaman of Optimus, and Kevin Lund of DCM.

Dan Seaman moderated the EMC Customer Engagement panel.  He’s the President and Founder of Optimus, located in Shelton, Connecticut.