Conservative lawmakers reject electricity competition resolution opposed by utility trade group

EEI weighs in to defeat electricity competition measure before ALEC. Conservative lawmakers at the American Legislative Exchange Council have rejected a resolution supporting competition and customer choice in electricity. The measure was sponsored by Michigan Republican State Rep. Gary Glenn, an ardent supporter of customer choice in electricity who attributes his current lame duck status to millions of dollars in utility campaign contributions to his primary opponent. ALEC members rejected the resolution in the face of opposition from the Edison Electric Institute, an industry supporter of the right-leaning policy organization. Had the measure been adopted, it would have served as a model for legislative efforts by ALEC-member lawmakers in their home states. Glenn attributed the measure’s defeat to the “political power” of utility companies, which tend to be significant campaign contributors in their home states. He predicted the situation will become more fraught in Michigan “now that they’re hanging my bloody hide on the wall.”

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