New York 2017 Conference Presentations

8:45am – Welcome Address – Larry Leikin & Jack Doueck “Collaborate, Innovate & Differentiate” (video)
9:00am – Keynote Address – Michael Fallquist, CEO Crius Energy  (Video)
9:30am – Panel #1:Brokers or REPs – Who Has the Advantage?  (Video)
10:30am – Executive Workshop #2 – “Hot Topics in Renewable Energy Services”  (Video)
11:15am Fastball Pitcher #1 John Bastian, SmartGrid CIS  (Video)
11:20am Fastball Pitcher #2 Jack Doueck, LED PLUS  (Video)
11:25am Fastball Pitcher #3 Steve Downey, Smart Touch Energy  (Video)
11:30am Fastball Pitcher #4 Nate Kessman, Integrated Energy Console (Video)
11:35am Fastball Pitcher #5 Ken Lawlor, GEO Services (Video)
11:40am Fastball Pitcher #6 Todd Liebman, TLP Software  (Video)
11:45am Fastball Pitcher #7 Kris Mill, EC Infosystems (Video)
11:50am Fastball Pitcher #8 Michael Parrella, ESCOWARE (Video)
11:55am Fastball Pitcher #9 Bruce Shields, Data Communications Management  (Video)
12:00pm Fastball Pitcher #10 Ted Speers, Entertainment  (Video)
12:05pm Fastball Pitcher #11 Craig Tropea, Customized Energy Solutions (Video)
12:10pm Fastball Pitcher #12 Karl Unterlechner, GeoSales  (Video)
12:30pm – Mini Executive Workshop #3 – “Five Steps to Creating a Profitable and Enduring Brand” (Video)
12:45pm – Mini Executive Workshop #4 – “State of the New York Retail Energy Market” (Video)
1:00pm – Mini Executive Workshop #5 – “International Expansion Opportunities” (Video)
1:15pm – “The Leadership and Integrity Award” (Video)
1:30pm -Panel #2 – Mergers & Acquisitions – How do I sell for the most money? (Video)
2:30pm – Panel #3 – “Innovative Solutions to the Challenges Facing REPs”” (Video)
3:00pm – Mini Executive Workshop #6 – “The Newest Technologies in Customer Retention” (Video)
3:15pm – Mini Executive Workshop #7  – “Common Marketing Pitfalls and How to Avoid them” (Video)
3:30pm – Executive Workshop #8 – “Data Visualization: Unlock the value or your data” (Video)
4:00pm – Executive Workshop #9 -“The EMC Benefits App – a Tutorial” (Video)
4:15pm – CEO Roundtable Discussion (Video)