5 No Fail Ways to Keep Your Head in the Game When It Comes to Energy Marketing

By: Martin Salama, CEO | Infinity Coaching Group, LLC

I had the honor of attending the Energy Marketing Conference in September in New York City and I met hundreds of retail energy professionals who were having a great time and learning a ton of great information!  Yet, when I sat and spoke with many of you, the stress about running a retail energy supplier came to the surface. 

As a Life Coach, I understand what you’re feeling and I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. It’s not exclusive to this industry. Most of those feelings come from uncertainty as to what might happen tomorrow, in the industry, in your company, on a more personal level your job and maybe even your private life.

As is customary in the beginning of a New Year, we tend to do some introspection and think about resolutions we’d like to make. I propose that this year, instead of resolutions, which tend to be temporary, let’s call them revolutions. Let’s revolt against the old and what hasn’t been working, and make the changes permanent. 

We must start by figuring out our “Why”. 

Every day that you question yourself and wonder if you’re succeeding, look back at your “Why” and you’ll have your answer. 

A great way to staying focused on your “why” is with these…

5 No Fail Ways to Keep Your Head in the Game

Use a “Winning” Visualization Technique 

Stick to the Basics

Focus on What Matters

Spend a Minute Decompressing


Winning” Visualization Technique

There’s very simple method you can use called SMART Goals.

  • Specific – What exactly do you want to achieve?
  • Measurable – Establish clear definitions to help you measure if you’re reaching your goal
  • Achievable – What steps can you take to reach your goal? Outline the exact step to accomplish your goal.
  • Relevant/Realistic – How will meeting you goal help you? Does your goal relate to you mission?
  • Timely – How long will it take to reach your goal.

Start small and experiment, as you succeed, expand your goals!

Stick to the Basics

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the minutiae of it. Drill it down to it simplest form and tackle that part. Then move forward in a step by step fashion.

Focus on What Matters

Once you’ve established your priority, stick to it! Your focus should always be on the Crux of The Matter!

Spend a Minute Decompressing

A great way to do this is to take a quick meditation break. Don’t worry is easier and faster than you think:

  • Sit comfortably in your chair
  • Close your eyes and take 2 Slow Deep Cleansing Breaths – In through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your mind to get into a calm “centering” state. 
  • Slowly work from your head down to your toes and allow yourself to release the stress. Take the time (a few seconds each) to focus on each part on your way.
  • When you’re done take 2 Slow Deep Cleansing Breaths, count to 5 and slowly open your eyes.

You should have a refreshing feeling of relief.


Each day spend 10-15 minutes either alone or with colleagues Brainstorming. It’s crazy how great ideas have come about thru doing this daily. Some days you might get nothing worthwhile and some days you may come up with the next great thing to propel your business to the next level.

Using these techniques to establish your “why” will make everything you do more meaningful. The more you know “why” you’re doing something and focus on that “why” as your motivation, the better your chances for success! Many successful people, point to their “why” as to the secret of their success.

By: Martin Salama, CEO, Infinity Coaching Group, LLC