5 Marketing Automation Tools That Cut the Noise and Signal Performance

By Becky Holton

Digital marketing is an essential marketing tool in the modern world. Being able to reach customers through text messages, email, and social media posts allow your brand to interact with them on a more personal level.

Digital marketing has to aim to be personalized. Sending out a mass email is ineffective, as most recipients will simply mark it as spam. Rather, there needs to be a certain level of personalization and target the exact audience you want to.

For example, energy marketing and FMCG marketing are two very different fields and as a marketer, you need to choose the tool that suits your strategy better.

To personalize your marketing strategy, your business can look into marketing automation. Here are five marketing automation tools that cut the noise and signal performance:


Oktopost is a tool specialized toward B2B (business to business) social media automation. Oktopost lets you schedule posts in advance that can then be posted to numerous platforms all at once. What makes Oktopost more unique than Hootsuite is the ability to create a dashboard for each campaign.

Campaign-specific dashboards allow you to monitor your analytics, even tracking conversions for each stage. This allows you to see how much your social media efforts contribute to your return on investment, meaning you can adjust more specifically when you see what is lacking.

Oktopost has also developed its tool to allow you to post via mobile. You are no longer bound to sit at a computer all day to create and schedule posts. Rather, you can also create and schedule posts on the go through mobile automation. 

Apart from social media management, Oktopost also takes care of social media promotions while empowering your employees to post campaigns to their personal platforms.

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TrenDemon is most useful to people with content-heavy sites. TrenDemon identifies your site’s most profitable pathways and creates custom calls-to-action based on customer activity. The aim is to reduce the bounce rate while increasing the conversion rate.

TrenDemon allows you to monitor analytics, ensuring you are able to evaluate the most successful content and platforms. You can also monitor what kind of content generates the most leads, as well as what content increases your traffic. All data and personalization occurs in real-time, meaning interaction drives adaptation.

TrenDemon is simple to use. You simply need to add it to your site and set your goal. Once you have completed these actions, the tool makes the necessary adjustments for each user to help you reach your goal. TrenDemon is fully automated, freeing you up to focus on other tasks.


HubSpot is a convenient tool that helps streamline your marketing, sales, and software. HubSpot offers a range of free CRM tools that can be used by every member of the sales and marketing team. 

Each CRM tool is designed to simplify the CRM process for each level of the customer interaction team. The CRM tool allows you to get sales data in real-time, letting you adjust your strategy as and when it is needed.

HubSpot also offers marketing, sales, and service tools. The marketing tool helps you grow traffic and reach more conversions. The tool features analytics, lead generation, and marketing automation. 

You can also use the marketing tool to create content, drive targeted traffic, convert visitors to leads and leads to customers, all while keeping your campaigns and teams effective.

HubSpot’s sales tool allows you to automate your outreach but without losing personalization. You can also follow up with customers more easily, resulting in more meetings and closing more deals. 

The service tool provides you with customer service tools, helping you respond to customer needs. By connecting with customers and meeting their needs, you are also able to turn customers into brand ambassadors who will promote your business.


Pardot offers marketing automation to help your business make connections and close more deals. Pardot offers B2B marketing automation, engaging buyers with personalized content. 

The Pardot marketing automation tool helps generate viable leads, automates email marketing, and synchronizes marketing and sales. The tool also gives you analytic tools that break down the success of your ROI.

Pardot also features a B2B analytics tool that lets you monitor each step of the campaign through customizable dashboards. 

You can also share analytics and insights in real-time, allowing the marketing development team time to develop more successful campaigns. If you are on-the-go, Pardot gives you access to your analytics on a mobile platform, giving you round-the-clock access to analysis.

Pardot offers Salesforce Engage, which helps you develop engaging campaigns. It also analyzes your campaigns to show you which ones are most successful and which ones should be reviewed. Engage also helps you create personalized emails to follow up with customers while helping you understand each engagement to let you sell faster.


GetResponse is an automated email tool that provides you with the regular email automation tools as well as extended uses. One of its most highly praised features is the tool’s ability that allows you to send messages which are triggered by customer actions. 

For example, you can trigger an email to be sent a few weeks after a purchase, asking customers for feedback on products. You can also use this tool to show the customer new products or send them greeting cards for holidays or birthdays.

GetResponse is also easily integrated into a wide variety of apps, including PayPal and WordPress. You can use GetResponse for email marketing, autoresponse, landing pages, and marketing automation.

GetResponse is a great automation tool that not only puts you in contact with clients and partners but also helps you to build a relationship with them. Despite being an automation tool, the platform allows for personalization, making your customers feel cared for and appreciated.


Marketing automation aims to reduce the marketing team’s workload. While there are a number of automation tools available, automation without personalization is wasteful. 

The aforementioned marketing automation tools drive your brand’s success; improving campaign performance by including elements of personalization to attract clients to your site. The tools not only help you to automate marketing but also help you analyze your marketing strategies to address flaws and make improvements.


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