4 Powerful Marketing Tools You Need to Generate Massive Sales

By Becky Holton

Marketers and business owners know how demanding a marketing campaign is and if you have other business responsibilities, it can spiral out of control. In some cases, you might not have the financial resources to outsource a marketer or hire a team solely for this purpose.

To help business owners in that situation, software developers have filled this gap in the market with powerful outbound and inbound marketing tools that maximize sales. Some of these are very successful and can heighten the conversion rate your business is getting. Here are 4 of the best marketing tools that are used for marketing and boost sales.


Intercom is a tool used by businesses to communicate with customers and determine their preferences for marketing purposes. The data collected by this tool allows businesses to send back text messages that are highly personalized according to each user’s preferences.

Primarily, the tool lets business owners understand their customers’ behavior and identify problems they may be facing. The insight from these incidents can then be used to address similar problems that could appear in the future. Those problems can be addressed by improving the user interface and experience according to the data collected where users faced difficulties.

The direct communication line between you and your customers can help form loyal customer relationships. You can hear directly from customers what bothers them when they are browsing your site and where it can be improved.
Those findings can then later be discussed using with marketing experts through a video discussion on TheOne. To ease out your work, you can also hire a virtual assistant to take notes and record the actions the business should take to improve the website’s user experience for higher conversions.


Hotjar is the perfect tool to improve your website’s user experience because it offers insight into how visitors expect to engage with the site. The insight can then be used to determine what user experience you should be aiming for, giving the business room to improve their site. Once the website matches visitor’s expectations, the business can expect higher conversions.

All this insight is derived by monitoring the behavior of visitors when navigating and browsing throughout the site. The tool analyses user engagement and then provides feedback in a visualized manner. Hotjar uses heatmaps to signal hot sections of your website that excite users and identifies what does not work.

That data can help you find better places to insert your call-to-actions and what sort of buttons should be used for this purpose. Above that, Hotjar also suggests sales funnels by identifying the regular routes people take to make purchases on your site.

You can also monitor the performance of the online forms used on the website and determine where they need improvement. For the data crunching, you must use the services of paper writers from Essay writer UK. These writers and data specialists not only work with marketing and finance students to provide dissertation help but also with corporate professionals for various jobs.

Another great feature of this tool is that it conducts surveys asking for visitors’ opinions about where the website design can be improved. The tool requires little human intervention, helping business owners free up some time from their schedule to study a new language.


Oktopost is focused on one digital marketing strategy that has been successful for a lot of businesses. In your marketing strategy, you should include a diverse range of techniques and approaches. Therefore, somewhere in between the overall digital marketing strategy, you should include a social media outreach campaign. A social media marketing strategy can help reach thousands to millions of everyday users.

Over the years, social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have evolved dramatically. New features are being released and more people are gaining access to these content distribution channels. All of these changes make it challenging to come up with a successful social media marketing strategy.

It is also quite challenging to monitor the progress of each social media channel without the help of third-party tools. Oktopost helps businesses to primarily get a hold of their social media marketing strategy. The tool has various useful features such as getting detailed reports of how users engaged with the content and the conversion rate.

Oktopost also recommends what content should be shared with social media followers to derive higher engagements. You can use the tool by letting it lead you to the conversations the business would love to be part of. If you are skeptical about installing any third-party software because of security reasons, use a Linux Firewall or precautionary measures to safeguard your business.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a tool used by marketers to determine valuable information regarding visitors that browse through your site. It operates on the principle of gathering data on how visitors interacted with the website and that it can indicate where it needs to be improved. The tool checks the user interaction with every page helping you discover if important sections of the website are fulfilling their purpose.

Once you determine what works for customers and which sections are not being effective, it will be easier to refine the marketing strategy. You can do that by establishing a pattern of user preferences and focus on replicating it creatively throughout the site.

For example, if you identify that users like to spend more time on your blog in posts that are structured as how-to articles, the idea should be to replicate it. You should replicate the content that users like, but in a creative way and Crazy Egg can help business owners determine that much faster.

There is a lot more that you can do using this tool including improving the navigation of the site to suit the target audience’s needs. Business owners use Crazy Egg to test out their ideas and see what works best for the company. The tool also ensures that your website has a consistent design throughout all the pages, contributing to its professional look.

The Bottom Line

These 4 powerful marketing tools can help your business get a higher conversion rate by engaging the audience meaningfully. You can also improve the website user experience using heat mapping tools that identify effective sections of the site and those that are not fulfilling their purpose. There are a lot of other tools that can improve your sales apart from these, making it essential for you to conduct further research about this matter.


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