Griddy’s ‘shadow’ program allows potential customers to test drive its electricity shopping service

Griddy ‘shadow’ program allows consumers to test drive its electricity shopping service. For a $9.99 monthly fee, Griddy finds the best-priced electricity in the Texas wholesale power market for its customers. But Texas shoppers are accustomed to purchasing electricity at fixed rates, L.M. Sixel writes in the Houston Chronicle. “So it’s a leap of faith for consumers to jump into the wholesale market, where prices change every 15 minutes and prices can spike as high as $9,000 per megawatt hour — or $9 per kilowatt hour — when temperatures turn especially hot or cold.” To address this, Griddy has developed a “shadow” customer program to allows shoppers to compare how much they would have spent for electricity had they signed on with Griddy. By signing into Griddy’s website as a guest, consumers can get hourly updates on their usage, how much they are paying for that electricity, and what the cost differential would be if Griddy was supplying their energy. “For those people who do the numbers, they jumped to Griddy really fast,” said Griddy CEO Gregory Craig. “They get it.” Craig wants the shadow customer program to give other customers confidence to try Griddy once their current electricity supply contract expires.

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